Saturday, 19 January 2008


I was such a bad girl on thursday

I was feeling a bit down with my cold, I was feeling pissed off with men. Forest began chatting to me online and I decided to ask him something which I really shouldn't have asked or at least I shouldn't have asked him. It was very unfair of me to put him in this situation but he was cool about it.
I said to him that although he had told me I don't have mug written across my forehead when we had our big row months ago, men seem to think I can be treated like trash why.
he was very good talking to me about it. I won't copy the conversation. He feels that I give off a sense of being someone who loves sex even when I am avoiding the subject.

Bye the way I'm chatting to Hector and he recommends that when a woman is giving a bj have some toothpaste in your mouth. I was just trying to figure out how we got to that subject, but niw I remember that I was saying my battery has run out (meaning my phone) he thought I meant my rabbit. then I mentioned that I prefer my toothbrush as recommended by the lovely cake.

On sat night I shall be going out partying with the folks from work. We are having our christmas 'Do'. first we are going out for a meal then on to a club. I wont be driving for a change so I can have a few drinks.
going to be giving my red high heeled shoes an airing. have bought a new soft brown skirt and a red top for the occasion. also bought myself a set of false nails. I have never ever ever used them before.