Sunday, 20 January 2008

How could he ?

After my little accident when I was getting ready for the office party (I managed to ping a nail across the room when I was fiddling with the clasp of my necklace) I glued it back into place and set off down the path to Posh Bird's house (all of 30 yards if that). her boyfriend Liam had kindly agreed to drive us to the city anf pick us up afterwards. mile down the road and PB is swearing her head off as she had forgotten the list of who was having what. finally having collected this valuable piece of paper we drive to the city to pick up my boss. good thing Boss was with us as none of us knew the way from that part of the city to where we were going.

I was in a confident and cheeky mood, even being cheeky to Liam who I had only met very briefly over the xmas break. (Even a few months ago I would have been too shy). Right moving on we have parked the car in the underground car park and gone up to the ground level, Liam was pointed in the direction of the cinema while the three of us women strode off to find the restaurant. I think nearly everyone else was already there apart from Broom Lady and her husband Broom Man. Once we have all had a couple of drinks (I was on rum and coke as I was avoiding the white wine this time). The MD wanted to know why so WM (warehouse manager) took great delight in telling the story of my disgrace at Boss's 50th. He had been DJ that night and witnessed my fall from decorum as he packed his equipment away. Bearing in mind that I have worked for the company about 7 months now but only ever exchanged good mornings and not much more with MD in all this time. We all trooped upstairs to the room reserved for our party.

There were two long tables for our party of 24. It was agreed that the office staff must not all sit together on one table and the warehouse staff on the other. so I decided to be the first to choose a seat at the second table. Boss and PB were already seated on table one. I chose a chair halfway down the table with my back to the wall so that I could see and hear what was going on. I found myself sat with Flirt (she works in the warehouse) on my right and MD on my left. With Bob, Polly and WM opposite us. I already knew a lot of the names and faces of the warehouse staff but not who was who. I now know that Polly is married to WM. (perhaps I should behave myself when I am in his office now).

Now I don't believe in mixing work with pleasure as far as relationships go. But if I was to fancy anyone at work there are only two possible candidates. firstly MD (tall slim, fit and good looking and knows it) doesn't look 50. secondly I wouldn't really say that I fancy him but the next possibility would be Max. He works in the warehouse in charge of the packing line. He is also slim and dark haired I have no idea of his age but I suspect hes in his 30s. He always makes a point of saying hello whenever I see him. Boss told me earlier in the week that when I am in the warehouse for a couple of hours in feb to learn the products I shall be paired up with Max. (He was not there last night).

So there I was sat next to MD on one side and Flirt the otherside who was telling me about her infatuation with Max. (who has made it clear to her it isn't going to happen but she says he is her bit of eye candy lmao). As I said earlier I was avoiding the white wine but Flirt and I got through a bottle of red with the meal. I forget how the subject came up but half way through the meal after chatting with MD he suddenly decided it would be funny to pair me off with Reg (sat on Flirt's right). Ok so I saw the joke and thought it was funny but there is just no way!!!!!!!!!!! Reg is probably in his late fifties and I am sure he is a nice bloke but Puleeeesssee no thank you. I like a man who is funny and intelligent, this man is neither. As MD said Reg would probably have a heart attack if I went near him. I didn't say that I could eat him for breakfast spit him out and ask for the next one. I know appearances can be deceiving but really!!

I passed PB on the stairs when I was returning from the ladies powder room and mentioned MD's suggestion. Next thing I know shes told MD off and told Boss about it all. Of course I think the whole thing is soo funny but I feel sorry for Reg as he doesn't know that he has been made the butt of this joke. Oh and I had another accident. Rob who is a new lad in the warehouse was sat right in the corner on my side of our table. He had to leave the table but as I tried to move my chair forward for him I ripped 3 of my nails off. two on my left hand and my right thumb. so now I had 7 bright red tallons and 3 short bare nails. I managed to retrieve the nails and stow them away in my purse.

Anyway we were supposed to go on to a club after but nothing was set in stone. there were some suggestions of going to the casino but in the end we just returned to the bar (where some of us stayed until we got chucked out at about 1.30am). Luckily Reg made a quick get away. the bar were having problems with the machine that dispenses the carbonated drinks. I didn't want rum and orange so switched to vodka and orange. Not sure how many I had. PB was very drunk and in a very huggy mood. she was hugging all the men and I mean all of them and not just a couple of times. I think if MD didn't realise that PB was the best appointment he had ever made then he does now as she was telling him repeatedly. why do I call my friend Posh bird (she was swearing like a trooper all night). Apparently when she first joined the company almost 2 years ago they thought she was very posh. She is always dressed immaculately in a suit and heels she is very 'proper' in everything she does. However within a week she had let slip a few swear words. I find it so funny as I have known her for nearly 11 years and until I went to work in the same office I had never heard her swear. (probably because she would never swear in front of the kids). apparently I swore for the first time the other day. Wayne said it was the first time he had heard me swear. I was suprised as I do swear but I guess I don't often feel the need to. I can express myself quite adequately without.

Whilst PB was doing her hugging bit she was encouraging me to do the same but I didn't need to copy her behaviour. It was just so hilarious watching her. Mr and Mrs Broom left fairly early perhaps Mrs B was not impressed when PB hugged Mr B. flirt had on her coat so I thought she was leaving early too but no she had the open half full bottle of red wine that had been left on our table tucked in the inside pocket of her coat. come to think of it I don't remember her leaving.It did get a bit complicated as people were all going home with the wrong people. We were supposed to have both Boss and Harry (Director and MD's side kick, they had arrived together) having a lift with us in Liam's car. slim girl and MTBA were going home together as they had arrived (one hubby dropping off and the other picking them up). Somehow Boss left with MTBA, leaving slim girl behind. She then left with Harry..........heaven only knows how they went home. So MD came back with me and PB. Oh did I tell you that I had already had a feel of his abs, oh and a hug too as I was instructed to smell him as he wears lovely aftershave. (I don't remember what it was called but mmmmmm). So now I know where MD lives as we dropped him off before heading home. Ouch I just remembered that when I had rejected the idea of Reg, MD had suggested Bob, which was when I had mentioned that Wayne thinks I have educated him. Bob is ok to wok with but not only is he 10yrs younger than me but he just doesn't do it for me and I doubt that I do for him. I got a hug from WM too and he told me over dinner that he has decided when I have my sessions in the warehouse it will be with him not Max.

All in all it was a good night and I got to know more of the staff that I hadn't talked to before. I didn't feel shy at all during the evening even with MD. I drank far more than I have done for a long time and if I am really truthful I could feel the drink going to my head after about 3 drinks but I managed not to disgrace myself and had a good time.

Whilst we were all enjoying ourselves Liam was at the Cinema but was due to join his boss on his boat that was moored up nearby, later in the evening. MD said he would like to meet Liam and his Boss so PB decided that the three of us should join the two men on the yacht. But unfortunately Peter had not yet returned from the London boat show. so we went home instead. I think it was a little after 2am when I got home.

I woke up at 6.30am feeling fine but needing the bathroom. But by th time I returned to bed I had a headache. I then got up again around 9am with slight niggly headache and took myself off to the garage to get a paper and some fresh air. Whilst I ahve been writing this I began to feel sick which worried me but it passed and now I feel maybe I can hold my drink a bit better now, having ha a skinfull about 6 or 7 times in the last year. Wow I really know how to live life on the edge don't I ROFLMAO.

Oh on the way home I asked Liam if he has any decent friends as I only seem to meet ********

he says he does but they are all married but when one becomes free he will let me know........awww isn't he sweet.
I didn't wear my red heels in the end. I wore a clingy red low cut top with avery soft brown knee length skirt and chocolate fishnets with my brown heels.


Emma said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic night Lady, more to come I hope..xx

ronjazz said...

...and I'm quite sure you were looking pretty hot, woman. You keep pushing that envelope...who knows what will happen?


George said...

Sound like a great time was had by all ... maybe except Reg?

BBC said...

Oh on the way home I asked Liam if he has any decent friends as I only seem to meet ********

I have some wonderful friends. And I have my beer church friends. And I know not to depend on my beer church and party friends if I need help with something.

They are usually the ones that need help because they are always having problems, so I help them.

But I wouldn't call one of them if I needed help, I would call one of my wonderful friends.

But I have seldom needed help, I'm very handy and have always managed to make my own way through life.

Jungle VIP said...

I usually really bloody hate office do's. This year though, we went to a colleague's house, got in pizza and played music and sang all night. That was quite good. You're having a right normal time Red. It's as it should be. BTW false nails will ruin your real ones eventually. Takes from a girl who knows

Pixie said...

Well I think I've followed all of that, bu please don't ask me any questions later on it!

Sounds like you deserved the hangover with that mixture though.... LOL

having my cake said...

Sounds like great fun - except for the nails. This is why I dont bother with false ones, they wouldnt last five minutes with me, Im so clumsy.

Waynecoff said...

lovey like you had a great time,

Lady in red said...

yes it was a good night I really enjoyed it........if only because it was a night out with friends and it didn't cost me a penny.

George I saw Reg on monday morning as I walked through the warehouse. I asked him if he had enjoyed saturday night he said 'yes everyone had a good time....flirt had a great time.'

nitebyrd said...

I'll bet you looked fantastic. Sounds like you had a great night and came out fine.

somebody said...