Saturday, 26 January 2008


I ahve been meaning to post something new on here.

as I go about my day little things pop into my head .....oh yes I could do a post about that. But by the time I am in front of my computer it has gone

I go to work

I come home

I cook

I clean (well maybe not as much as I should)

I chat online if I am not too tired

that is about all there is going on in my life right now

the most excitement I have had since getting a new tyre for my car was on wednesday morning

I woke up around 5am

went to the bathroom then hopped back into bed

afterall I think 5.40am is early enough to be getting up

OJ asked me why I hadn't gone to work

OMG its only freaking 7.30am and I have overslept.

I have never been up, dressedand out of the house so fast before

quick text to PB

OMG overslept on way now

because I was late leaving home I got stuck in the traffic took me 30 bloody minutes to travel 2 roads to get out of the town then as there are now long term road works on the motorway I took the country route (what a mistake ...........took wrong turning and got lost in my haste)

PB text me back

have told Wayne you are stuck in traffic

isnt it good to be friends with theright people :-) (my boss was out of the office forthe morning)

so I finally get to work about 40 minutes late which was better than I thought it would be.

ha ha what an exciting life I lead now


Miss Understood said...

Your life sounds about as exciting as mine!

BBC said...

I can't say that my life is always exciting, but it is always damn interesting.

Jungle VIP said...

Interesting Piece. A sense of stress and urgency but indulgence in comfort seeking behaviour. Just like me !

I like hearing about your day.


Vi said...

Just about as exciting as mine at the moment!

nitebyrd said...

Work. It interferes with fun so much.

somebody said...