Tuesday, 22 January 2008

shattered Illusions

shattered completely shattered!!

recently I have got into a habit

I have been getting a little defiant, bolshy, arrogant with one theme running through everything, not so much on here but with my friends in real life.

the theme being ..................


with perhaps the exception of kissing and cuddling

but now though I have to concede I was wrong ..........I am soooo not happy about this

I guess I should get to the point......not ramble too much

On sunday after I had been to the gym to work off all that alcohol, I noticed that my back tyre was flatter than it ought to be. carefully I drove to the garage near to my home. Having obtained the required vouchers (stupid system.....you have to go into the garage and ask for a voucher then punch the code into the machine ) I was all set to pump up my tyre. But to my shock and horror instead of pumping air in it was letting more air out!!!!

So I very gingerly drove to the next closest garage a short distance out of town. After queuing behind 3 other cars I finally managed to get air into my tyre. Feeling much happier now I drove home thinking no more about it as I seem to have a slow punctue that needs to be re-inflated about every 6 weeks/2 months.

On monday afternoon as I was leaving work I decided to walk around to look at the tyre to make sure it hadn't gone down but it had. I carefully made my way to the nearest garage about 5 minutes away. parking next to the air machine, crouching beside the car trying not to let my skirt drag in the puddles or get any muck from the airline on my clothes try as I might I couldn't get any air into the tyre.

Ok so what to do now?..........I know why not phone DC? (stupid woman I know hes working a late shift). Ok so who do I know who would be willing to come out to this town to help me? especially in the rush hour! I don't know anyone in this town who I could call on. the only possibility is coach as he lives not too far away and might even be home from work if not he would be on his way. But there is no way I am going to call on him for help. Its now 4.55pm if I'm quick I might get some help. I phone the office and speak to PB after a discussion about trying to get the number of my insurance company to get help that way she puts me through to Bob. He agrees to help me. I don't tell him at this stage that I do know how to change a wheel, I just don't want to ruin my precious nails.

while I am waiting for Bob another car arrives and I apologise to the driver for being in the way but hes ok he can manage without me moving my car out of the way. He has heard me on the phone and offers to help. I tell him that help is hopefully on the way. when Bob arrives he sees me chatting to this man and the cheeky sod thinks I've been hitching my skirt up to get help. Anyway by his time I have released the spare tyre from its hiding place. I suddenly realise that I have had my car since the end of june and never looked to see what equipment it has. I find the jack, a duster and a piece of orange rope stashed away behind a cover at the side of the boot. but there is no sign of a wrench. Bob recons the orange rope is part of my kit for my sexual adventures............he is such a cheeky git!

Bob gets on his knees (not sure if he was praying) but can't see where the jack should go. Other man suggests he does that as hes a builder and it doesn't matter if his clothes get dirty. Builder (I would call him Bob but one bob is more than enough)ah I know from now he is called 'Ford'. We can't find a wrench in my car, the one Bob has doesn't fit and neither does the one Ford has. I phone PB again, she says she will send Gary who is on his way out he does cars etc. In the meantime Ford says he will go and get one, he will be back in 5 minutes.

True to his word Ford is back with a spider wrench and has set to work before Gary arrives. so now I have 3 men ready and willing to rescue this damsel in distress. Bob tells Gary that he isn't needed and between them Bob and Ford get my wheel changed. Both of them instruct me to get the wheel changed ASAP as it is only a temporary measure although some people drive around on them for ages.

So this I morning went and got my tyre changed. As I was putting the spare back in I found that there is a wrench in my car but it was just not possible to find it in the dark...........oh well I shall now in future......maybe next week I shall be brave and open the bonnet!!

so this damsel is no longer in distress but I ahve learnt that sometimes ...........



nitebyrd said...

I have an auto service, AAA. The man comes out, does what needs to be done (to the car!) and leaves. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

reminds me of an old post of yours xx.
so you needed pumping did you, lol,
you was deflated and need to have some air inserted, lol.
glad its ok now, there is some white stuff you can insert into your valve, and it not what you think i mean, lol. it makes a layer inside the tire. and then it repairs your hole.
sorry its full of inuendo. x

Jungle VIP said...

Yea. The narrative is good. I like the smallness of detail. Fair play to you

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

No it's not MEN you needed, it was FRIENDS!

toby said...

Lol! The games girls play to keep the boys dancing!

JsTzznU said...

geeee with all the anti-men comments I'm reading.. no bloke (hope that's correct hehehe) Stands a chance around here LOL!

Oh, LIR.. this is why I thought my Daughter and my step-Daughter how to change a tire... even with AAA, you never know.

BBC said...

Men can come in very handy. It's just that some women don't think so, but a lot of those women have hired me to do things for them.

you have to go into the garage and ask for a voucher then punch the code into the machine

Huh? I've never head of such a thing. Here you can pull into any tire store and they air up your tires while you sit in the car.

Most of them fix flats for free, even if you didn't buy the tires from them.

I have my own big air compressor here at home, and lots of tools. I've never been with a woman that didn't appreciate the fact that I'm a master mechanic and good carpenter.

That reminds me, I should change my oil and filter, it must be about time and I'm not paying someone else thirty bucks to do it, I don't like others working on my rigs.

Reinvented girl said...
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Lady in red said...

nitebyrd I did have a recovery service membership but let it lapse as it is covered by my insurance but I had neglected to make sure I had my insurance details with me.

wayne I would expect nothing less lol

JV hugs

Vi yes it is friends who are so important and thank you for beimg one of mine

Toby there were no games .....its good to see you here. I am gradually catching up with Princess Tanya (you are a great writer dont ever stop)

I am not anti men far from it. I have just been reaffirming for myself that I don't Need a man, there is very little that a man can do for me that I can't do myself. My dad taught me how to change a tyre I have no problem in knowing how to do it. I just don;t have the strength. Most tyres here are put on using a pnematic tool.

Although I feel that I don't NEED a man I do know that I WANT one which is not quite the same thing.

JsTzznU said...

So true LIR =)As a man, I love to be wanted!!

Emma said...

LiR its good to play the damsel every now and again...xx

Anonymous said...