Friday, 11 January 2008

its good

This week is continuing to be good

I had intended to write about whats going on but I ahve been so tired tonight that it is now too late so I shall have to fill you in tomorrow.

In the meantime just know that life is good even if it is tiring

Pixie I am thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed

Vi I am glad things are going well for you the same for Emma

Cat I hope things improve for you soon

Innocent I am glad you have cheered up

everyone else I just hope life is treating you well right now and I shall get round to commenting on your blogs again soon if I havent already.

love to you all

oh and Pete hope you start feeling better soon xx


Jungle VIP said...

First week back and you're very busy.I think this is good. I havn't stopped to breath lately.

I'm Interested in DC's adventures with Jamerson ?..My little bugger's off at the end of the month all over the place...have a look

Particularly pleasing is two gigs in Brixton.


BBC said...

Life is treating me well enough, got a comfy place to shelter myself from the weather, plenty of food and money. Some great friends.

It's just the bigger picture that drives me nuts all the time.

Wild Catz said...

Thanks LiR x

Wild Catz said...
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nitebyrd said...

Rest up, Lady and enjoy!

Emma said...

Have a good weekend Lady even if you only rest and do nothing...I have had to lock down babe but I have sent invites to both addy's..xx

ronjazz said...

Following you every day, Lady. You're fun to read...:)

Lady in red said...

JVIP they do pick the most salubrious places to play their gigs don't they. DC and band are recording over the next couple of days.

bbc what can I say

cat you are more than welcome

nitebyrd I am catching up with my sleep after jumping out of bed at 5.40 panicking that I hadn't got anythng out to wear for work I realised it was saturday went back to bed and got up at 11.30am ...decadent or what?

emma dont worry I found the invites lol

ron that just like me anyway ....funny....not sure if thats funny haha or just funny in the head lol. I dont like to be too serious too much too often. is hat too many too's for one time?

somebody said...