Sunday, 6 January 2008

no new news

I keep thinking I should be blogging
but what is there to say
I have been going to work, coming home and apart from feeding the tribe and chatting online I have not been doing much else.
The job is going well so far
It is easier than I thought it would be
I knew I would be able to do this job but I thought it would be harder to get the hang of it.
It is good that the year always gets off to a slow start a this has helped me to get into the swing of my new role.
The hardest part is getting up earlier in the mornings
I am used to leaving the hose at 9am now I am leaving at about 7.10am and not getting home until about 5.20pm

we are having our works christmas outing on 19th Jan so I have started thinking about what to wear and have looke don ebay for something new and cheap
The plan is for meal in a chinese or thai restaurant then those who want to can go on to a club

I have had some trouble getting JA to o to school this week while I am not here to make him go. We had a touch of the sulks when I cut his hair shorter than he wanted it but still longer than I want it cut it. then he couldn't find his tie. He set off for school bu came back. Luckily the two older boys were here and managed to round him up and DC drove him back to school apparently giving him a man to man talk on the way pointing out that I could be taken to court and even go to jail if he doesn't go. He has been much better since and says that school is fine. I think he had got himself into a cycle of worrying about going to school, the worry was making him feel sick which made him worry more that he would be sick at school again.

I just hope he is ok from now on as it doesnt help being stuck at work worrying whether he has gone or not.


Evening said...

I respect you lots, being a single mom. I have three boys and a very helpful husband and even then it has been difficult at times. You doing it all on your own and working too is really a feat.

Emma said...

It sounds like he just needs a little adjusting, he will be fine with your support I am sure..xx

Lady in red said...

thanx evening and emma I am sure we all just need a little time to adjust.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

school? back already? My boys are back tomorrow, thank god, after having 4 weeks off!

Pixie said...

the worry never stop does it about our boys?

job sounds good, glad your feeling ok about it.

nitebyrd said...

DC sounds like a good big brother.

The newness of everything will become routine and you can breathe a small sigh of relief.

cheekyfaces said...

Christmas outing in did I already know that YOU would do something different xx

Waynecoff said...

i used to go throught that with work, but still remember those feelings about school, sometimes you just don't want to go, but your alright once your there.
Happy new year x

somebody said...