Saturday, 12 January 2008

contentedly smiling

Ok so I can't help it

every night I tell myself will be an early night, every night ends up being a late night. Every day now I hav to get up at 5.40am to get ready for work..........this would be hard enough but when I don't got to bed until between midnight and 1am sometimes even later it has to catch up with me eventually. On wednesday I went to the gym again. I hadn't been since I twisted my ankle which was at the end of November. I only did a short stint at the gym but it really tired me out. My legs were like jelly as I drove home afterwards. I was tired when I go home but I soldiered on. Around 10pm I went onlineand found myself exchanging messages on facebook with a very sexy guy.

One of my friends had invited me to join a thing where people ask to see a naked picture of you. there are 3 responses, 1) yes 2) ye if you show me yours first 3) no way. tonight when I looked there are 140+ requests to see me naked. I have posted a picture but it isn't a naked one. It is suggestive. I have had a couple of messages calling me a cheat (all in good fun) but I ahv also had some compliments including this one......

what a photo!?and from a local girl too!!

we then began a long exchange although I have not told him just how local I profile gives the city not the town where we both live. This man is very hot and I really mean 'hot' yet he wanted to chat to me. He was interested in my writing and offered to help with research!! at the end of the chat I sent him this to read and his response was this ............

hmmmmmm...I am liking that!its a bit of a tease because the neanderthal in me is saying come about tits and pussy....but the arty side of me is saying make the imagination work!! top marks...I like!!!

he also said this

yes...but that tingle is made more powerful when its ceases abruptly!Well are the real deal!

praise indeed from someone who knows nothing about me and has read only one piece of my writing.

Other news is that I am really enjoying my job (even the challenge of getting to work on time every morning). I am enjoying interacting with our customers. I am enjoying the challenge of trying to learn thousands of products and their codes and quantities. I knew I could do this job but the hardest thing so far has been to keep track of what I am doing when the phone is constant and I end up chasing my tail but I am getting there. The other morning my boss was chatting to me about the work before Wayne arrived. she told me that although Wayne has been there 16 years and has an incredible product knowledge he has no get up and go. She feels that it will only be a few months before I am doing the job better than him. by that time she is hoping to have worked out a way of setting up a commision system for the sales Office staff as well as the reps on the road.

As I mentioned earlier in the week I have been chatting to Thomas quite a lot this week, he is hoping to see me in the next couple of weeks. I really don't know if this will happen. Tonight I ahve been chatting to Lotto who sometimes apparently works very near to the town where I work. He sometimes stays overnight in a hotel there. he has asked to meet me for a drink either next week or the week after.

I also mentioned Coach a few days ago. I have been exchanging emails and text with coach every day for the past week. we have spoken on the phone and agreed on a date one evening next week. He is divorced with two teenage children who he has on a friday night. I have been playing it cool and only sending a text or email as a reply to his. There have been times when he has contacted me several times before I reply. for someone who professes to be a two finger typist he manages to send fairly long emails at least once every day(even during his busy working day). It will be interesting to see how things go once we meet. He has told me he will phone me over the weekend if I don't mind, so that we can make arrangement s for our date.

yet again time has runa way from me and I need to sleep

but before I do I want to say how glad I am tht Pixie has the all clear and can breath easy again.......and pixie your other news is brilliant too :-)