Monday, 7 January 2008

a good start to the week

I am feeling great today

First off I had no trouble getting out of bed at 5.40am even though I had been chatting to DC until 1.20am after he came in from his latest gig. He sat on my bed telling me some of the adventures they had when they were on tour in Nov. I can't believe we have not had much chance for a proper chat in that time. But he chose the early hours of this morning!!

Had all the boys up and dressed ready for school/college/work by 6.40am so that I could go to work at 7am satisfied that they were all prepared for their day. They will get used to my new routine.....If I have to then so do they!

Whilst I was eating my weetabix I checked my emails and replied to a few I hadn't got around to over the last few days. Crazy or what? I had all weekend but neglected my friends but today I had 20 mins and wrote several emails. One of which was to my Knight in Tarnished Armour aka Thomas. I had sent him a best wishes email over New Year along with my other friends. He replied last week apologising for neglecting me.

As I was drying my hair Thomas came online and began chatting, we only had about 5 mins so it was a very brief chat. He noticed my new photograph on my chat window and complimented has been a long time since we last met. this new photo shows my new stylish haircut that I treated myself to once I knew I had the new job. each time I met Thomas I was sporting my old style with the scrunch dried curls so this new image was quite different. During our chat he also told me that he would need to come to the city soon would I be able to meet him. I said I didn't know.

To my astonishment I received a further email from him this afternoon saying he had been pleased to have a brief chat this morning. However he was saddened to think that when I said I didn't know about meeting him, he has lost me through his neglect. he thinks that I have found someone else to bestow my affections and therefore don't need him anymore.

Firstly I never was his. I do lust him as he lusts me and it has all be a bit of fun, but I was amazed to read his email. Although we have had a sporadic communication over the past year the last time we met was in January 2007. I am not going to read too much into this just enjoying the flattery.

My new job is proving to be to my liking. I had a chat with my boss this morning before the lads arrived. She feels that I will have no problem and in a few months once I know what is what I shall be flying. She is aware that I have got Wayne's measure and will keep him in check. It is good to know that she feels she made the right choice in giving me the job.

I have not been following my diet or been to the gym in recent and illness have been in the way. But as of today I am back on the diet and tomorrow back to the gym.

I have been in contact with a few new men, mostly just for chat, but there is one new man who I shall call Coach who seems promising.

All in all I am feeling good, if only I had not fallen off the diet, but we can't have everything.


BBC said...


Never heard of it.

My girlfriend is a deft mute, lives on my nightstand. That may be the best fifty bucks I ever spent.

If I want a hug there are plenty of women willing to hug me. I've decided that is enough rather than to try to have relationships with them.

Good luck with the manhunt.

nitebyrd said...

Life sounds good, Lady and you look good, too!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Love the new haircut! It suits you loads! Good luck with getting back on track with the diet this week (I'll be keeping my eye on you!)

Emma said...

You look lovely and you sound happy what a great start to a new year..xx

Anonymous said...

lovely hair cut. Happy new year. Pete

Miss Understood said...

I wish I was brave enough to get my hair chopped off again. It really suits you. Perhaps I'll bite the bullet and just do it one day....give myself a bit of a boost for the new year?

George said...

Sometimes life gets too busy for blogging. Sounds like the new job is going to be great ... good for you.

5:40AM ... no thanks, unless it's to roll over for a blowjob !

Lady in red said...

bbc weetabix is a popular breakfast cereal over here.

nitebyrd wow thank you

Vi I may be off to a slow star but I will get back on track

emma thanx and lets hope your year is good too you job sounds promising

thanx Pete I had to dig my hair dryer out again now that I am no longer letting it dry in natural curls anymore.

miss Understood I tend to have a hange of style every few years....I get bored easily

George sorry I have not been commenting on yours or anyone elses's blogs much for a while but I still read them although not quite as religiously

Pixie said...

wow love the hair, really suits you, have you changed the colour too?

Lady in red said...

lol thanx pixie....the red,gold and chestnut streaks have all faded and merged to become one mass of blonde on the top but its still dark underneathI don't think I have added any colour since about september.

somebody said...