Monday, 31 December 2007


Finally the bathroom is free

I’m having MY shower now if that is ok with everyone!

No answer

Mmmm the room is quickly full of hot steam as the water cascades into the bath, I still have not got used to the sound this new shower head makes. It’s more of a heavy dripping of water compared to the finer spray of the previous one that finally gave up the ghost a week ago.

Stepping into the stream of hot water, closing my eyes as the rivulets course over my head and down over my body. I love the refreshing feeling of a hot shower to start my day. Shampoo massaged into my hair, suds creeping over my wet flesh I lean against the cold ceramic tiles. It has been ages since I had the time to take such a leisurely shower as this. The contrast of the cold tiles against my skin and the hot water make my body quiver with excitement.

But what is this? A soft finger presses against my lips, entreating me to stay silent. I know who this is. We have shared so many showers in the last few days. I feel the tender caress of your fingers as they trace the lines of my ample curves, searching each crevice. I feel my own wetness mingle with the water as my excitement increases with each tender touch. In my minds eye I see all those showers, first the wild water, next the milk shower that is so good for your body, the beer shower that is very erm …. Fragrant! I have yet to try the hot Jacuzzi and several others.

Damn that face book it really is taking over!!

I open my eyes and you are gone

Was it my imagination or were you really here with me?