Sunday, 13 January 2008



update on my impromptu drink

I had told myself on the way there that I was not to worry that he might not like me. He might think I am not good enough. He has come across as quite a nice guy even if he does earn more money that anyone I know. I promised myself I would just be me, no false pretense, no act just be myself. Well its hard for me not to be myself anyway. If he didn't think I was good enough for him then that's his loss.

of course I arrived late................ to find that he had text me to see if I had already arrived 10 minutes earlier

we made our way inside and found the bar got our drinks and found a quiet table by the wall.
we sat fairly close chatting .............OK so I did most of the talking. We seemed to be getting on really well. By the time we had nearly finished our drinks he went to find the toilets. This is when I noticed all the men sat facing our table looking straight ahead of them. One was gazing directly at me but the others were looking above my head. Why?
We had chosen a table directly under the wide screen TV and the football was on showing the local team in action.

I was a little uncomfortable with all these men gazing in our direction even if they were looking above us rather than at us. So he invited me back to his house for a cup of tea. We left my car there as we travelled together in his car. No sooner were we inside his house and he was kissing me. He has a very nice house, much tidier than mine. He makes a very nice cup of tea even if he had a touch of forgetfullness and had to ask about 6 times if I take sugar.

Apparently I am a very nice kisser and a lovely lady. We didn't stay too long as he had to get me back to my car before he picked up his children as he was giving them their tea today which he does every other Sunday. He still wants to meet up in the week as we had previously agreed.

I like this space


katy said...

sounding good, i am watching this space

nitebyrd said...

I'll be watching with great interest, Lady!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

I'm liking the sound of this guy! It's a plus that he lives in the same area!

Emma said...

Good for you Lady, hope the heads a bit better today..xx

Jungle VIP said...

Went to see foxes play at the weekend. "Girls" will tell about the Potato cheese pie AND chips that preceeded. Kiss on a first date. Blimey !


somebody said...