Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Update and accusations

I am relieved to tell you that after Monday life has settled down a little. Having talked to ET on Monday he went to college on Tuesday and seems to be in a happier place. I now think that his 'quitting college' was a knee jerk reaction to missing his train. I also think he now realises what a big step he would be making and probably not in his best interests to quit.

On the other subject, to bolster my courage I 'power dressed' for work on Tuesday to give myself more strength. In the end we didn't hear from SF at all on Tuesday. As he had said he doesn't have my phone numbers (even the house phone number was changed after he moved out). If he wants to speak to me he has to call one of our sons on their mobiles. We have all agreed that he can't stay here, that makes it easier for me knowing that our boys don't want him here. Tonight OJ had a missed call from him but none of us have spoken to him, I am still dreading his next call but I know there can only be one answer if he asks again about staying here.

On a different subject, back to that other boring topic, my work. One of our Reps made an accusation to me the other day. It was the second time I had spoken to him in a short period of time that morning. He said I was talking to him in a sexy voice and wondered why. I told him I wasn't I was just talking the way I normally do. I'm not sure he was convinced and I have not spoken to him again since. No thats not true I did speak to him again a short time later. Ok I confess I did alter my voice slightly when I answered the phone knowing it was him but I thought I was just speaking nicely. Perhaps it was more a case of what I said rather than how. The first time he called he said

'Oh hi LiR, how are you?'

'I'm fine .....all the better for speaking to you'.

my reply was just a bit of tongue in cheek fun, we have always got on ok, I have never flirted with him in any way shape or form so perhaps I caught him off guard.

So after he accused me of talking in a sexy voice, once I had denied it I had to make sure I kept my voice the same each time he called. I wonder how long I can keep this going. I have never met him as he is based in the north. Although one of our other more local Reps he lives in a small Kentish town that I knew well in my childhood, and visits our office every few months. He is not far off retirement but I can still wind him up so that he tells me I have made him 'come over all unnescessary'. Who says work can't be fun? Oh yes Bob was saying something crude to WM about what to do with an 18" roller sleeve, they both looked at me and said they wouldn't ask me what I would do with it. WM did mutter about it would need a lot of batteries though. I really don't know what they could be insinuating. Don't they know that I am a shy, innocent, naive single mum. Now Trixie don't spray your coffee everywhere. I am innocent I tell you.....stamps foot and goes off to the corner to hide with an impish grin spread across my face.


Sorrow said...

oh yes...I can see that foot stamping is really going to work...
now the grin, well this little tale gave me one too...
he he he he

Vincent said...

Enjoyed your post a lot LiR. Gave me a lot to think about. What is a "knee-jerk reaction", for example. People say it deprecatingly on the radio, but to me the act performed without mulling it over is the true act.

"I power-dressed ... to give myself more strength". At first I said to myself, "Ah, woman's world this: real men don't power-dress." Then I though of my new moleskin bomber jacket, so thoughtfully bought for me by my beloved. Regardless of how other people may see it, I'm a man of power whenever I wear it.

Tone of voice when answering the phone---the phone doesn't ring much here, so I usually guess who it is and adjust voice accordingly before the caller has spoken. So many times has this rebounded embarrassingly, but I can't give up the habit!

I like the way you have to keep your voice the same every time he calls. Does your phone tell you the caller's number, then?

Mei Del said...

it sounds like a really fun place to work - all those men to wind up and flirt with! glad to hear that ET has made up his mind and SF is not bothering you again.

Elaine said...

What would this world become without a little harmless flirting, eh? LoL!

Trixie said...

You're lucky, I finished my coffee about half hour ago (or should I say my keyboard is lucky!)

Just catching up on your last posts (finally got my computer back!)

1. Thank GOD you talked your son out of working at the Co-op. That's like working for the arse end of the world. You know I'm not a snob, but if I was penniless and desperate, I still wouldn't work there.

2. Thank GOD you aren't going to let your ex stay on your sofa. That's like going totally backwards. Let him hurl himself under a train line. You know he won't because he's spineless.

3. I haven't had a shower for 3 years. (No, I don't mean I haven't washed all that time!) Mine has never worked properly (not enough power for the water to come out) so get on to the housing people and get it fixed! You're so lucky if they can (saving you some water rates at least).

4. Get back on my diet honey, you can start reporting to me every week via email if you want.

PHEW! Caught up!

Lady in red said...

Sorrow I am glad I put a grin on your face

Anonymous said...