Sunday, 21 September 2008

blowing away the cobwebs

Darling, for once it is a warm sunny sunday afternoon and I am looking out to sea from the place where we shared our first kisses. I miss you so much with all my body and soul. xxxxxxxxxxx

I was sitting on top of my favourite hill with the city spread out below me surrounded with blue sea under an almost cloudless blue sky. I didn't stop long, just long enough to write and send my text to Romeo. Before reaching this spot I had spent 45 mins driving at speed (averaging 80 - 90mph along the coast road to Chichester and back again, windows down, wind in my hair, music up loud, singing my heart out. Is there a better way to spend a quiet sunday afternoon, when my lover is away.

I had a headache all day saturday, and no that was not the countless rum and cokes I drank on an empty stomach on friday night. This was a tension headache, partially down to the ever present money worries. Did I mention that I had written to the child tax Credit agency to put their records straight. Last year they thought I was entitled to tax credit for DC until he turned 20 in feb but I was not claiming for OJ who is doing a 2 year A'level course at college!!

So now they have amended their records. In July they had increased my money by £60 per week now they have halved it, So I am back where I was before July, scratching around for every penny, but one of my debts has only £8.77 left to pay in October and another ends in November and another in December so progress is being made although it is slow going. At least the petrol prices are going down I paid £1.06 today at Asda.

Added to this is the worry about what to do about our shower. I mentioned a while ago that our shower was not working as it should and someone cae out to look at it. I thought I was being fobbed off when he said it was just a case of cleaning the nodules. I am stil not convinced as there was no change in water flow through the nodules but I did buy a new head and it did make a difference. However, on friday morning I left the shower running while I made my cereal, when I went back upstairs I thought someone had turned it off but it was still on, only no water was coming from it. There was not much I could do about it at that time. So a quick strip wash and off to work, feeling dirty and yukky all day until I managed to grab a quick bath before I dashed out again for the marriage blessing.

Now my problem is that although I could live with having a bath every morning (short term) it is going to be a problem with 5 of us trying to get ready every morning. So I need to get the agency to come out and fix the shower which means being here when they decide to come out!!!! Why can't anything ever be easy.

I am also fed up because I have been trying to lose weight again but I seem to be gaining or at least my clothes are getting tighter. I feel like a bloated whale at the moment, which doesn't help my confidence. I really want to look good when Romeo returns but I feel as though I have become the michelin.

So that is why I have been suffering with headaches plus the tension at work which will hopefully improve soon. NL was poorly on friday and I begged Boss Lady to send him home, but she wouldn't because she didn't think he deserved to go home. But by 10.30 am we had all had enough and off he went, leaving me on my own and it was lovely. Oh and I was a bit naughty too, I asked one of my favourite customers if he had an email address (meaning a work one) but we ended up exchanging personal email addresses. (there has been an email exchange over the weekend).

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed with no headache but it did gradually return, so when I set off to go shopping I decided to have a run down the motorway and back to blow away the cobwebs as it were, had I got more time I would have just kept on going but I needed to be in Asda by 3ish. Who knows how far I would have gone without the time restraint, Bognor ? Littlehampton? Worthing? or maybe even as far as Brighton. One thought did occur to me as I was racing towards Chichester, it is now a year since my last late night visit to Bognor.

back to the grindstone now


Fire Byrd said...

The sunshine can make almost any of our problems diminish a bit for a while.
Sorry your having a rough time from child support... they really are pains the way the give it, take it back, get it wrong and we have to bear the brunt of it all.

Fire Byrd said...
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cheekydani said...

You're amazingly calm and patient through all this Lady. As you know I'd be going out of my head waiting for Romeo. Well no, actually I'd have walked away by now, I do wish I had your patience and restraint.

I hope the child support people pull their finger out. I don't have to deal with them but I do deal with other government departments and if they anything like the HMRC VAT people, I know what it's like!

Trixie's the weight loss expert amongst us, perhaps she can advise?

I hope your headaches subside though... x

Giggle! said...

!!!! For some reason, Blogger has been giving me a hard time leaving comments for your posts!

This is the 3rd time I have tried now... Lets hope it works!

I've been feeling pretty bloated myself lately :-P I sooooo can't wait till I get my body back so I can get back into shape again!!

I've gained like 12Kgs so far!!!

WHen I have bub I wanna start up a weight loss challenge to make the horrid process much more fun!

I find that low carb dieting is the best for me... the weight just melts off me just by cutting out bread and potato! xx

Lady in red said...

fire I do enjoy sunshine add to that driving fast and how good is that.

Lady in red said...

Dani, I am patient because the only choice I have is be patient or walk away and I am not ready to walk away yet although I think this has been one of the hardest things I have ever done for a man.

Lady in red said...

giggle it looks like 3rd time lucky as it worked this time.

Honey I am sure that once baby is born you will get your figure back better than I did.

Anonymous said...