Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Raining idiots

It was raining hard this morning. This worried me, no not that I don't like rain, it can be depressing when it doesn't let up, but mostly I am ok with rain.

But rain tends to bring out the idiots which meant that I was doubly afraid of the new road layout as mentioned in passing in my post yesterday. I listened carefully to each travel bulletin, just waiting for the news that would surely come. Sure enough there were problems on the motorway, but further west, yeah yeah I know one junction down the road can hardly be classed as far away, but the main thing was that it wasn't going to interrupt my journey to work.

So I drove to work in heavy rain, there were still idiots without lights or only side lights. On the whole my drive was uneventful.

But it was when I reached work that it started. I am convinced that the rain was heavily laced with some kind of idiot serum. Virtually everyone I spoke to seemed to be missing a few marbles. Now the fact that the carrier firm which was delivering 2 parcels to the same place for us, managed to seperate them and send one to London and one to Manchester, nolonger surprises me.

The fact that when asking the acting warehouse manager when a local delivery was made by our own delivery van, he could find no record of the order (which was being delivered at just that moment) didn't surprise me either. This is the man who will phone me up to ask a question about an order that is in his hand , expecting me to know what the customer requires. which then means that I have to go down to the warehouse to look at it or ask him to bring it to the office. Excuse me you have the paperwork in your hand!!!!!!!!!

But the customer who rang up to ask why we had sent him some products that he had asked for the previous day as they had been missing from his original order that was a surprise. Not only that but it took me a good hour of phone calls going back and forth, paperwork checked and colleagues who had spoken to him yesterday questioned, to get to the bottom of his problem and convince him that the products were his and he has already paid for them so no we didn't want to collect them again.

My day just kept getting better and better, not.

There was also a long conversation with Garfield which culminated in him saying

If I said meet me in a hotel would you?

I think it was a shock to him that any woman would dare to turn him down. I don't know if he thinks he is a sex god or if it's his money that talks for him. He tried to persude me that it would be ok for me to meet him because Romeo is not around. He just doesn't get the idea that I have decided to be faithful to Romeo and he cannot bribe me into being unfaithful. Besides I could never get involved with someone so closely connected with my work.

But the sun did come out this afternoon and for a while the feel of warm sun on my arm was lovely and soothing. I almost forgot that I have been feeling quite down since early yesterday evening.


Mei Del said...

sorry to hear you're down xx

Lady in red said...

thanx Mei, I will get over it in a day or two, I always do.

Mel said...

Awwwwwww.....sucks, but sad moments do get to happen...

It's threatening to rain tonight. And I'm okay with that. We need the rain.
AND, it'll be in the wee hours so I'll sleep through the idiots? LOL

I'm a hopeful little booger, aren't I? ;-)

Giggle! said...

*hugs* xx

Miss Understood said...

I HATE the rain. And the winter. And dark, cold nights. Grrrrr.

Hope you're feeling better soon. x

Fire Byrd said...

And you are?and this is a what? and did I order anymore of them? And do they come in any other colour? and what's my name? and where do I come from?

Hope the week has got better hon!

Trixie said...

Why are you down hon? (apart from the idiots draggin you down?)

Lady in red said...

Every now and then I get down for no apparent reason, it usually lasts a couple of days and then it is gone as quickly as it started.

I am pleased to report that my spirits are improving again and I am almost back to my normal cheerful self. Yesterday I was fine all the time I was busy, but as soon as I stoped I felt miserable. I couldn't even write a proper post. This post started out ok (a bit depressing but ok) then it sort of just died as I lost the thread of where I was going with it.

Anonymous said...