Friday, 19 September 2008

Quiet Lady

Sorry I have been a bad blogger

In the last couple of weeks life has got in the way of blogging. Mostly that has been due to falling asleep but that also includes apathy. Not rushing to my blog to write a post or reply to comments. I think a lot of it is just being very tired all the time. I do read and appreciate the comments left here but just don't have the energy or the words to reply. I have not even been to visit all my favourite blogs, don't ask me why because I don't know the answer.

I am writing this quick post now mainly because I am off out again tonight for another wedding. So that is one funeral and two weddings in 8 days.

I am I guess feeling down because I have not heard from Romeo (his last text sunday before last telling me he was thinking about me). I am not worried or fretting that there is anything wrong between us. I am quite confident on that score. But I miss him so much. I have been through the various stages of being frantic that a day then two passed with no word, the need to be in contact everyday. The anxiety of how often should I text email him when I am getting no response. I am now in the calm space where I just wait th here from him, I am not constantly checking my phone or email. But in the evenings I find myself gazing at his picture willing him to be in contact. I open my phone to send him a text but have nothing to say. There are only so many times/ways of texting 'I miss you' without being like a broken record. I feel sad, alone, unloved, distant. But I know that when he returns he will let me know hes back and it will be as though this distance never was.

I am busy at work and tired at home, I am not just sitting around moping. When I have caught up with sleep and have the energy I am going to crack on with more writing. Anyway, I am still here just being quiet in the corner where I am not intruding on the world. Give me a few days and I shall bounce back all bright and breezy as usual.


Mei Del said...

wish i was there to just give you a hug and take you out to see that light fluffy movie the women. everyone around me is too busy to go with me here!

Lady in red said...

awww thanks Mei

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, lir... Sending you a smile when you need it. :)

Rae!xx said...

I completely know where you are coming from, take some time out and come back when your ready, as I found out we will all still be here for you.

(((hugs))) xx

Mel said...

Take what you need for you--we ain't goin' nowhere.

(k....bad grammar, but you know what I mean......)


DJ Kirkby said...

Thinking of you. I have posted a new excerpt from 'The Plump WAG's Club' to distract you and hopefully take you out of your world for a bit. xo

Debs said...

Hoping you're feeling much better soon.

Anonymous said...

it'll get better, it always does.
Good JuJu for it to change for the better soon!

Anonymous said...