Sunday, 14 September 2008

Just a quiet day

After the last two days I have spent most of Saturday just trying to catch up on some sleep. I have not slept properly all week. Each time I feel exhaustion sweep over me the coughing starts until I am doubled over with tears streaming down my face. This means that for night after night I ahve been awake at 1am, 2am etc. Friday night I didn't fall asleep properly until around 4am, which meant that when the day began I felt dreadful.

I have spent much of my day (apart from when I was shopping and buying a train season ticket for ET) sitting on my bed with my laptop just surfing, falling asleep in the middle of reading blogs. So if anyone's stats show that I have been sat on their blog for hours on end I wasn't stalking you I was drifting in and out of sleep, hence I have left very few comments anywhere today.

Now I need to go empty the tumbledryer and iron the clothes I need for the next two days. In the morning I shall be going off to Norfolk for The Wedding so I won't be on here again until Monday afternoon/evening.


Mel said...

Oh are not sounding the least bit well.

I hope this wedding doesn't take more from you--
Feel better soon, eh?

*hugs and get well wishes*

Rae!xx said...

Hope you start to feel better soon, I do worry about you, take care you and try and enjoy the wedding...xx

Giggle! said...

I'm hearin ya! It is 4.07am in the morning here and I CAN'T SLEEP FOR THE LIFE OF ME!!!

I'd LOVE to have a laptop in my bed... it would make creating my RAT GiRL comics sooooo much easier!

It's so hard on my back stitting here hours on end creating this comic! Especially now that I am pregnant!

Get some rest missy! xx

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh what a time to leave for a wedding. Hope you get time to recover this week.

Gypsy said...

I've just been catching up and wanted to express my condolences once again on your Grandpa's passing. When you published your memories I was struck once again by the similarities with my Grandad. He used to take us kids on long, rambling walks with his dog Candy and he always had those glacier mints in his pocket.

It sounds like you need to get yourself to a Doctor young lady. I hope the wedding went well. It sounds like you could do with some fun. Take care.

Trixie said...

Hey honey, sorry to take so long to comment, my computer was hijacked by family!

I hope all went well, and you have recovered from your strenous end of week.


Anonymous said...