Sunday, 7 September 2008

62 is not enough

I was just scrolling down and noticed the labels section of my side bar. It tells me that I have written 62 posts that mention Romeo. I can't believe that it isn't more considering that I have written 191 posts so far in 2008 and I did find Romeo in February and I wrote less posts in both January and Februaury than in any other month this year. So now I feel a need to redress that situation.

Did I tell you that he is 6' and well built (not fat at all just right for his height). In the first few days I asked him what would be the first thing I would notice about him. He told me it would be his presence. Yes he does have a presence about him, not just at close quarters but in his phone calls too. He is ever present in my day no matter where in the world he is. Not a day and possibly not an hour goes by when I don't think about him at least once.

He has a full head of brown hair so soft and clean, no gunk of any description, a joy to run my fingers through. To match his brown hair he, like me has hazel eyes, full of mischief and desire.

His hands are large but soft and gentle yet still strong enough to hold both of mine in one of his as he pins me down hands behind my back. His nails clean and well kept, no jagged edges to catch on my soft skin.

His lips are soft and inviting to be kissed and he will get no argument from me there. Every day I long for more of his kisses. I can just taste his mouth on mine which just makes me hunger for him even more.

are you feeling sick yet?

shall I go on or have you had enough for today?

Oh yes there is one more thing, I was talking to auntie again yesterday, yes I know it has only been a week since the last time. We talked about Grandad and about SF (damn that man I found out last night he has borrowed money from DC and OJ as well as me). Then she said lets have another look at Romeo. I told her about an email I sent him on friday telling him that he had spoilt me with his text and emails in the early months and now I am greedy for more of the same. She says that made him smile. I won't go over the same things she told me last week. But she did say that he isn't in love with me but he isn't out of love either. He is right on the edge, whereas since we met I have fallen over the edge and am in love with him. (do you think that makes it official).......LiR is in love with Romeo.

She went on to tell me that he is in it for the long haul, he isn't going to leave me. If anyone decides to end this relationship it will be me, not because I fall out of love but because I might get fed up with waiting around for him. I know what she means because I do get fed up with all this waiting around, but at the moment I feel he is worth the wait. I think I would be hard pushed to ever again meet a man who is so very right for me. As auntie pointed out and I almost forgot she had said, we don't just desire each other but we genuinely like each other as people. We have enormous trust and respect for each other, how many couples can
say that?


MarmiteToasty said...

How much does 'Auntie' cos you, every time you ring her up?


Lady in red said...

That depends on whether I go through the proper channels or directly to her home number. I can text her to say that I want to talk then she text me back when she is free saying 'now' and I can call her on her home land line but if another call comes through she has to go.

If I use the premium line it's £1.50 per minute otherwise it's normal land line to land line rates. Every now and again I use the premium line just because I don't want to take advantage of her kindness. I realise that I am very lucky to have her on tap as it were. Even in the middle of the night I can send her a text knowing I shall have an answer in the morning, (she works between 7am and 7pm every day)

Vincent said...

I was wondering about that Auntie too.

There was a column once in a Sunday newspaper in which the author used to go to her shed at the bottom of the garden, in which she would meet her imaginary psychoanalyst, who would give her practical advice, like your Auntie, except it came from inside.

Many other hilarious but irrelevant details are now coming to my recollection, of this column.

With the right sense of detachment, Lady IR, you could do something similar, I am sure.

trublmaka said...

With all the crap and insanity going on in the world, its wonderful to be enjoying a little love and romance (;P and then some!!) just to break the monotony of the broken-hearted scorners!

Just run with it. If anyone has a problem, they can close their eyes and skip to the next chapter lol!!

Giggle! said...

hehehe The Romeo and Lady in Red love special would make a great episode! :-P xx

DJ Kirkby said...

I think Vincent just offered you an amazing idea for a column you could write then 'pimp' out to our local newspaper! Clever idea. This was a sweet post about Romeo.

Vincent said...

The columnist I was referring to is Rebecca Tyrrel and she now writes for the Independent.

Mel said...

His presence....what a wonderful thing to be able to identify as being the first thing people notice about you.

*hugs* Thinkin' about you....

Mei Del said...

hope that romeo doesnt keep you waiting for too long! btw i drove on the m3 and thought of you when i got on the fast 3rd lane which lasted a few kms before disappearing as the road narrowed to 2 lanes, ggrrr

cheekydani said...

He sounds rather delish! So long as you're happy my dear, and waiting isn't too frustrating for you, then that's all that matters x

Anonymous said...