Thursday, 9 August 2007

These three men

He is very quiet but seems self assured if a little shy. he takes me in his arms and kisses me. he holds me against his chest. He strokes me gently with his soothing hands and lovely tongue. He brings many smiles to my face even if he can't see them as he is otherwise occupied. I feel safe in his arms. His body covers mine, I feel secure and cared or. I am above him I feel exposed but wanting his gaze upon my face, my chest, he caresses my heart, soul and body with his fingers and eyes.

He is full of energy even at this hour, he is vocal about his passion for me. His kisses urgent, there is much making up to do as we make out. he says fuck!! I say thats the idea! He takes me every which way, we both soak up the others presence. He makes me feel wanted and sexy. He wrings every ounce of passion from my body as he thrusts into me and my body strives to respond with as much vigour as he has.

He is my friend, he greets me with a friendly kiss. He takes control although neither of us can be completely serious, even with the pain he inflicts we laugh and giggle. He is constantly aware of my feelings and immediately senses when I am ready to stop even as the thoughts reach my own brain. We are comfortable together, so much so he falls asleep for a few seconds. His biggest concerns this afternoon are
for my well being. He is my friend indeed.