Friday, 17 August 2007

gonna fuck forest again

tonight a fellow blogger who I was chatting to on IM asked me

gonna fuck forest again?

i think you will....but i think shouldn't....and move on.........after all...its the journey towards selfhood you're after

it will depend on what he has to say when he gets back
and how long it takes him to get in contact

sure.....and nothing about what you say ?
you have a voice ?

in the meantime im not sitting around moping


oh I know but I will make my decision on what he does or doesnt do and whether i think he deserves me

hmmm.....that assumes he has the power to do this....... some people might observe that're a bit vulnerable here...

in the end I can decide whether i want to still see him or not if i decide not there is nothing he can do but for now he will get the benefit of the doubt.

I have a time limit in my head that if theres no improvement the door closes

keep the faith if you can.....people rely on you |;)

such as? provide a sparring partner...

ok just give me time to prep my jousting stick