Thursday, 2 August 2007

how many ?

how many men can a girl see in a week without being greedy

I have been good for months now, ok ok maybe not as pure as driven snow but still I have only seen Forest and thats only been about once a month. so what is a girl to do when she gets lonely and there is a nice guy who adores her. Of course every few weeks she takes comfort not only in his arms but in his bed too. so thats Forest and Oxo. there is no one else or is there.

At work today two of the girls asked me if I had a nice date last night and without thinking I said which one. Oooops I had to say that I had a drink with one man then later visited another. I didnt say that I stayed over night. They asked me which is the one you really like then? Oh well thats someone else. So I made a quick retreat back to my desk before the questions got going, they were already saying so you are seeing more than one man then, my reply was 2. well I am only 'seeing' 2. the other men in my life are friends aren't they ?

I was exchanging emails with OG the otherday and she was saying she gets confused about all my men so maybe I should list them on here as I did for her.

my men = 1) Forest mmmmmmmmmmmm friend turned lover

2) Oxo fuck buddy seen him 4 times

3) Mr Passionate (was PL) married lover from last autumn not seen since feb but we both want to when we get chance ......the one married man I couldnt give up

4) Damien = my spanking master

5) JJ is poss Dom, wants to tie me up spank me and then get sexual. there is talk of me having a session with both of these two. see 'Shock' on kindred

6) N ex boyfriend now trying to get me back again (no chance)

there are no other players in my life at the moment. although there may be someone new on the horizon soon. (been chatting to one or two new guys ......

does this last 4 months have only had 5 shags (4 oxo and 1 forest)

sorry that should now be 5 oxo

In the last few days I have managed to chat to Forest online a few times, I have now (today) told him that I am to be spanked. He says I am a naughty girl and probably deserve to be spanked.

I need to get showered now and prepare myself for my date with a new man who I shall call Chip. I have been chatting online with chip on and off since last summer. We got as far as arranging to meet once months ago. I can't remember now whether it was me or him who cancelled. We have not chatted for ages. On monday he began chatting again and by the end of the chat we had agreed to ahve the date we didn't have before.

So within a week I will have seen Damien, Oxo, Forest, FF and this being greedy?


I doubt whether I shall hear from chip again, although a nice enough man there was nothing there and my face now hurts after over an hour of benign smiling!! Any one who knows me knows that when I get going I can talk and talk. In the whole time I was with chip I may have spoken for a minute possible 1 1/2 at a stretch.