Monday, 20 August 2007

crashing waves

wipers slicing through the spray
peering at the cars through the mist
idiots without lights hard to see
stop start stop start
where have they all come from
why are so many going my way
an hour no more it should have taken
its nearer two by the time I arrive
hi its me I have arrived
waiting for him to show me the way
to this flat 3 storeys up
with a view straight out to sea
grey sky grey water merge in the distance
white crests of waves crash so close
to where I stand
from the window staring out
he stands behind me this man
so tall and tanned
blonde a god of a man
his smile and twinkly eyes
why should he be interested
in me so short and cuddly
he longs to squeeze me to him
as together we sit with
football results scrolling across the screen
he leans into me and kisses my lips
mmm very nice I can't not respond
soon he has led me into the small bedroom where
he has to stoop with such a low ceiling
he presses himself to me kissing and caressing
clothes discarded on the floor
I gaze upon this body so lean
taught and golden flesh
in stark contrast to my own
white and lumpy rolls that are mine
he is good this god like man
he makes me squirm and exclaim
in pure delight
yes he is good and I want him inside me
thrusting and making me his
i lose count of the times
my name is whispered on his lips
he lays back loving the feel
of my hands my tongue upon his
body as he stands proud
some time later he recovers from cramp
as we dress ready again
for the outside world
time for another look from his window at
the crashing waves, waves that are in tune
with the crashing thuds inside my head
he is a lovely sight to behold this man
so straight and secure in his beauty
his smile so friendly
but I am not his
it saddens me to know
I am here and not some place else
we smile we kiss goodbye as I leave for the return journey
on my way a decision has to be made
the road forks one way to where forest lives
I take the other road as there is no point
Forest is not there