Thursday, 30 April 2009

benefits of blogging

As you know I was out socialising with fellow bloggers last saturday evening. Bloggers who hadn't just nipped down the road for a drink. I think most of you now know that it was Fat Controller and his lovely wife (and subject of his HNT pictures as well as his very well written tales of love within a marriage) Heather. Fat controller and Heather live in her native country but visit the UK from time to time. So last week they were over here having a well earned break in the depths of North Wales before visiting his family via a stop over with Trixie.

Before leaving Trixie they were entrusted with a parcel for me. So you see even if they hadn't really wanted to meet me they had no choice. Trixie had decided that they would make a very good substitute as a carrier firm. As I live en route from Trixie to FC's family it made sense. However I hadn't been apraised of this. It wasn't until we were about to part company that I was told they were holding a package for me. This package (ok so it wasn't wrapped but who cares) turned out to be a book that Trixie had promised to send to me 2 months ago. Trixie herself had come by this book as a gift from Fire Byrd who inturn had received it as a gift from Queen Vixen. I am now half way through this book (started reading sunday morning and couldn't put it down until I was forced to). When Fire Byrd sent this book to Trixie it was with the instructions that she should pass it on to another blogger when she had finished it. So now it is in my possession and I have instructions to pass it on to another blogger when I am done with it. Now let me see who should I send it too next? Let me know if you want it.

Isn't it funny the way blogging connects us in so many ways. I was rather amused when FC mentioned (when we were talking about English food he might miss ........... he can get most things) that he and their son have become addicted to this and its all my fault. I had done a post about them ages ago (I can't even begin to remember where on here). My first thought was that they would be disgusting but DC persuaded me to try a bite and I am now hooked. I try to avoid them but sometimes needs must ............I am sure FC agrees. Have you ever read a post about something you had never seen or thought about ...........tried it and become hooked?

If you didn't know what book I was talking about it was this one.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Recipe for a lovely evening

For the first time I turned on the air conditioning in my car as I made my way in the sunshine. I was as usual later leaving home than I had planned, driving along the familiar motorway then turning north on the A road that I have driven many times before but this time watching out for the side road that I had never taken before. The winding country lane I found myself going up and down hill, I noticed the Ancient Farm off to my right. I had always wondered where that was although I had believed it to be a mile or two further north on the west side of the A road. Well now I know exactly where it is, perhaps I will visit it one day.

Cautiously racing on up and down turning left and right as the lane meandered between farms. I soon found my destination, parking in the one obvious space left, I checked the time…..only a couple of minutes late……..not bad seeing how I had left it so late to leave. Scanning the tables set out in the garden I could see them through my rear view mirror.

As I walked across the car park they both looked around, I waved to indicate that it was me. They both stood up to greet me, I had remembered as I was driving that he no longer sports the facial hair he has worn for most of his adult life. One of the first things I noticed was that like me, she was wearing red and black. We sat talking about our children and the problems of bringing up our teenagers while he went inside to buy my glass of cider. Where I don’t feel the cold so much these days my companion was feeling cold especially when the sun was hidden by the building cloud. Such a shame as until now it had been a lovely sunny warm day.

Conversation with both my companions was easy and relaxed. So much to talk about, so little time. We made a move inside to get out of the chilly breeze, another round of drinks more chat about the differences between life here compared to where my companions live. We talked about blogging, of course we did after all it was blogging which had brought us together. Time was passing hunger pangs were making themselves known so we decided to have a meal, although there were some interesting dishes on offer none of us were in the mood for these, I plumped for a jacket potato with fresh beef chilli topped with cheese. Both my companions plumped for hoisin duck wraps but ended up with baguettes.

Eating did prompt us to discuss the diet plan we had been on last year and agreed that while we have continued to try keeping to the diet plan in the year since we had started we had slipped in our resolve but do try to avoid bread where possible. My female companion told me about her experiences of trying to cook dishes from her native country whilst here and how difficult it is using the ingredients available.

I did enjoy our time together but all too soon it was time to part company as my new friends had another hour to drive before reaching their destination for the night. Driving home I was enjoying the space on the roads with such little traffic, very different to my normal drive home among the rush hour traffic. As I was passing the city a car came speeding past me, its occupants waving, together we raced up the hill and down the otherside until I reached my junction and waved goodbye for the final time.

I wonder if any of you can work out who my companions were. Trixie is banned from answering.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Getting Quizical

Every year the local Rotary Club have their Quiz Night. For the last 3 years I have joined in along with some of my boys. The first year it was JA and OJ, last year they both came along and ET joined us. This time DC came too as he had nothing planned for tonight. Unfortunately although it was her birthday my mum has been poorly today so couldn't join us.

Picture this..................... a junior school hall with 16 tables set up for teams of six. Average age range mid 50's to mid 70's mainly professional/retired professionals. Most tables set up with glasses and bottles of wine. But not table 8...............table 8 was the one used by the Team .......The Mathletics. On this table were plastic cups and bottles of cola oh and my non alcoholic grape drink, a pack of twiglets and a bag of carrot batons.

It was one of those quizzes where teams mark each other's papers then pass them back. The team at the next table were doing badly, we were pleased each time we got a question right that they didn't. There was a sheet of song titles that we had to name the show they were from........I knew a lot of the song titles but not which show they were from...............the 70s section I did get some of the answers right like Equal Pay and Kerry Packer but I didn't know that Maggie T announced that in 1976 Free School Milk would end, neither could I remember who was the Sports Minister made responsible for drought in 96. The question about the end of the monopoly by BBC radio was very very close. I guessed Capitol Radio but that was beaten by London Broadcasting Company a day earlier!!

We would have done better in the music and colour section if we had heard the Quiz master say that we had to put the song title not just the colour in the title. I think from the out cry at the start of the answers to that section probably at least a dozen teams had only written the colour in each title. At least we did have Pink Pantha and Yellow Brick Rd, unfortunately I didn't follow my instinct to write 'nights in white Satin', 'Blue Moon', 'Sweet Georgia Brown' 'whiter shade of pale, just writing the colour only got us half points. It was during this round that ET decided that they should fill in the gaps with guesses. OJ and DC took that one step further and filled in the gaps with daft answers. I have no idea what question got the answer 'Toilet Duck' but the mythical monster that was a womans head with body of a lion was answered with Anne Robinson! The N American landmark that constantly goes backwards became Michael Jackson!

But the team marking our papers were enjoying the sense of humour my boys were showing.

At the end of the quiz we were the only team who hadn't played our joker which would have doubled the points scored on that round. Whilst the table marking our papers came 2nd last we had the honour of being rock bottom although we were applauded for our valiant effort considering that we were disadvantaged by our ages.

we might have come last and earnt the wooden spoon but it was the first time since christmas day that we had been out together as a family (no absentees). The last few months we have been doing more things together which can only be good for all of us.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Is it classed as a date then when Plumber came round this afternoon?

I have had a busy day, 5 yes 5 men turned up on my doorstep at 7.35am. The head man explained what they would be doing then they got down to ripping out the old boiler, the water heater and some of the radiators. I had only just begun to do the sink full of washing u that has been staring at me for days when they turned the water off. Ok I had a sink full of soapy water so that wasn't a problem but when they wanted to run the cold tap into my sink of soapy water I had to give in and let out my soapy water to make room for the horrid cold water.

I brought my laptop downstairs so that I could listen to the radio and start doing some work on my spreadsheets for my project at the office. The electricity was turned off. There was nothing for it but to make my first visit to the amenity tip. I have never seen it so quiet there.

After I returned the electricity came back on, I was waiting for my laptop to sort itself out as it wasn't very happy about its battery running out. I noticed that Golf was online so I did something I very rarely do, I initiated a conversation (actually I often initiate our conversations ~ he feels honoured for some reason). Plumber phoned me while I was chatting to Golf (that became a little confusing for me). Having similar conversations but at different speeds is not the easiest thing to do. Later it was Forest who was chatting (first by text then when I got back online by IM). He wanted to see me tonight but I had to decline as I knew that after just 2 hours sleep last night I was going to be very tired tonight.

Both the water and electricity were turned off at different times forcing me to sit and read for a while. It was at about 2.20pm that the head engineer came to tell me that they were finished and he wanted to explain where everything was and how it works. I know what time it was because it was just at that moment that Plumber phoned me.

Where are you?

At home ........why where are you?

Outside looking at your knickers

Lol Ok I will be right there

He was at the back of the house while I was at the front door saying goodbye to engineers. Plumber had come round to cut back the long grass, nettles and brambles that make up the main part of my back garden. He also had a look at the space I have made for the dishwasher he has got for me. He needs t make a few adjustments before it will fit but he says it won't be a problem. I left him to get started on my garden while I finally got stuck into the washing up and cleaning my kitchen.

But when I looked back outside I was horrified. The brambles were still in tact but he had tackled the nettles and grass but he was chopping down the clematis that was just coming into flower (I have been growing it for 12 years). He then moved over to the other side of the garden and cut down my other clematis, honeysuckle, broom and ballerina rose bush. He was methodically stripping everything out of my garden. I don't think he saw me pouting. Oh well I shall just have to start from scratch again.

I need to get all the greenery that he has cut down chopped into small pieces so that it can be bagged up and taken to the tip. Plumber was here for about 2 hours in all and we managed to get quite a bit done in the garden so I guess that does count as a date sort of so I am going to include it in my tally.

I had to dash off at 4.30 because I had made a Dr's appointment for JA as he has been experiencing pains in his legs. I had figured that he has Osgood Slatters Disease which I was pleased to hear the Dr confirm. As he was examining JA's knees I couldn't help noticing that in recent years this Dr has become a little portly. Watching him with his curly hair reminded me of Elliot Hope in Holby City.

I couldn't find the photo of my clematis in full bloom but here it is covered in snow last April so you will have an idea of the sorry state it was in after the gales had done their worst.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The things we do

I wasn't looking forward to my evening. I knew that once I had rested after my day at work I would have to get stuck into the big clear out. I need to clear out a lot of clutter before my boiler can be replaced. I thought I would have more time but yesterday I got the phone call to tell me that the boiler is being replaced on Thursday. The engineer will be here at 7.30am. Before then I need to move my filing cabinet which is just inches away from the side access to the baxi boiler I currently have. I also have to make the radiator in the dining room accessible, currently there is a table there which is stacked with things and also has more stuff stacked under it.

But before I could get stuck into anything I dashed out of the house, raced back along the motorway to the big ASDA store near to where I work. A quick look in the electrical department was fruitless. None of the salads I like were available either. Back into my car and back along the motorway towards home stopping at the big Tesco store near the marina. Success, I found what I was looking for. Carrying my new purchase I set off back home. Opened up the big red box and began to install my new printer.

OJ has been working very hard on his A'level ICT project for weeks now. He has created a database which his project is about. He has been working until 3 am night after night. Last night he worked right through the night. Today he was to hand in his finished work, but the college printer was not working properly. He has asked for one more day to get it printed at home. My 3 in 1 printer that has not been used for nearly a year didn't want to know. I had borrowed a printer from a friend only to discover this evening that it won't link up to a laptop. It will work with the old desktop PC in the lounge but that doesn't have the right programes installed to use office documents. I had been planning to buy a new printer soon so tonight was the night.

But it wasn't until I started the installation process that I discovered the printer came with only colour ink not black. As if that wasn't enough of a set back at 9.30pm I then discovered there was no USB cable. But that was ok there was a suitable cable attached to my old printer. OJ copied his project onto my memory stick. I began printing first the Analysis (14 pages) Assesment (7 pages) then I began printing Implementation but the new printer ran out of ink by the time it had printed 42 out of the 50 pages. I have no idea how many pages are left in total. He will have to hand it in either incomplete or somehow finish printing it at college. If only he had tried to set up the printer 3 weeks ago when it was handed to me then I could have been more organised but he does tend to leave things to the last moment. He should also have had his project finished sometime ago but he just couldn't resist adding more to it everyday.

Maybe this will be a lesson to him.

Now I have only Wednesday to get my clearing out done. Not only that but I need to get my kitchen sorted as Plumber told me today that as I will be at home on Thursday he will put my dishwasher in for me and strim my back garden so I can get started on that project.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Highs and Lows

After a bad start to my birthday it did improve a little, whilst I was driving home from shopping (my mundane life doesn't stop for something as simple as birthday) I got a text. It was from Bovril (married man). He was going out for a while would I like to catch up? So 40 minutes later I parked up in the same old car park. He must have seen me drive up as he was very quick to climb into my passenger seat. I hadn't seen Bovril since New Years Eve 2007 so although we have chatted online in the last month we still had a lot of catching up to do. (just small talk really). We probably chatted for about half an hour before we both drove off in different directions. So that was date 1 with Bovril 10/80 in total.

Once back home I changed into some fresh clothes as I was going to dinner with my mum. She had cooked salmon steaks which I have not had for years. I got 3 books some money and my 2nd birthday card (the 1st was from work). I didn't stay very late as I was feeling weary and knew I had to be up early next day to drive to Cotswolds.

After stopping on the way to get some provisions from a farm shop we finally arrived at my grandmother's home about 12.30pm. Greetings over, kettle boiled and decisions made about what to cook for lunch we were able to relax briefly. We gathered that my grandmother's best friend was coming over in the afternoon (she arrived just as we were finishing our meal). So the four of us sat around the table for the next hour. Angie delighted in showing us some of her craftwork including various items of beadwork. She also took the opportunity (while grandmother was out of the room) to swap address and phone numbers with mum.

My mum and my cousin (my dad's cousin) have both been getting increasingly worried about grandmother, Angie has too. It seems that the one person who should be most concerned (but isn't) is my Aunt. She lives in Germany and doesn't seem to think there is any need to worry about her mother. Apparently she was cross when she visited at New Year because her mother looks much younger than 90.

Over the last few years my grandmother (she doesn't have altzeimers) has been having increasing problems with saying nouns. People, places objects all escape her. For the two days we were there I was 'this one' my aunt was 'the one married to the german' Angie was 'the one who lives in that place where I lived before'. She was trying to say something about the place my grandfather was buried 15 yrs ago, she could give directions but not name the place or the roads.

She did tell us that she wouldn't mind giving up driving now. Mum has left a folder of information for my aunt regarding help her mother could get from Help The Aged. She could have someone to take her shopping or medical appointments etc. This business with her speech is both a little amusing but also frustrating (although when she is typing on her computer the names etc come with no problem). She was trying to explain something about her money and a man. We managed to work out that she knows this man but he doesn't work at the place where she gets her money (bank) but he did something with her money but it isn't working so its stopped now and hes getting her money back for her. We think hes a retired finacial advisor who invested her savings for her but with the current situation is cashing in her money before the losses get any worse.

On Monday morning I drove us out to a Farm shop/cafe that they have visited in the past for an early lunch, the sun came out which was nice after Sunday's drizzle, the view across the valley was stunning. We got back to the bungalow at 2pm but instead of going home as I had thought there was more chat, I was becoming tired and worried about driving home. But when we left at 4pm I was ok. I jokingly said I would have us home by 6.15pm (it would be nearer 7pm with me driving or 8pm with mother driving). I don't think I was driving particularly fast but we were back at my place at 6.20pm.

The next few days are a bit of a blur except that on wednesday I got a text from Plumber saying that hes got me a slimline dishwasher. One night when we were out I had mentioned that eventually when I can afford it I want to get a slimline dishwasher to go under my sink drainer. One of his mates is having a completely new kitchen fitted and he is helping him. He has asked his mate who has said I can have it. yayyyyyyyyyy

Thursday was a busy day, Not only did my bedroom window get fixed (I had been told back in November when it was measured up, that it would be done before xmas!!) I can now close my bedroom window for the first time in about 5 or 6 years, (I did originally ask for it to be fixed 3 yrs ago after SF moved out). But on the same day a heating engineer came out to survey the house to find a suitable place to put a new boiler as my Baxi boiler is finally being replaced. (18 months after the engineer had recommended it needed replacing). Apparently according to OJ (I wasn't there) the new boiler needs to go on an outside wall ................all my outside walls are taken up with windows!! The engineer will also need the airing cupboard empty and half the radiators accessible. Not sure what he means by that as only one of the ones mentioned are not currently easily accessible.

I wasn't there for the survey because I had left work early to go to our local Premier League Football ground. There was a presentation being held in one of their hospitality rooms for ET's Princes Trust group. It was an entertaining time with each member of the group describing part of the course and also giving their personal statement about why they had joined and what they had got from it. I was very proud of my boy for being able to speak out clearly and appearing to be more confident than he was. At the end two of the lads dressed up as Sonny and Cher to sing to us.

On friday morning although I was fine when I got up by the time I was driving to work my eyes were very tired and I wanted to go to sleep as soon as I arrived in the office. It took me until lunch time to be fully awake but still weary. As I was leaving work DC text asking if I would be available to pick him up from work at 9pm (if I was awake I would). I was resting on my bed when Bovril began texting me so I turned my comuter on and chatted to him. He was at a loose end and did I fancy a burger up on the hill. The kids were sorted for their dinner and I hadn't decided on mine so I agreed to meet him at the pub for a quick drink. we sat in my car chatting for a while before I suggested that we realy did go inside for a drink. Fruit juice all round then DC text me ........ wake up :-) we only managed half an hour before I had to leave.
So that was date 2 with Bovril which is 11/80 in total so far.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Out with Plumber again

Did I mention that when I started seeing these new men I set up a new IM address. A couple of weeks ago I put up a message about my birthday being over Easter. Plumber suggested that he would take me out over the weekend. During the week he told me he would take Friday off from working so that he could take me to Chichester to see the shops and other sights of the city. So my 6th date with Plumber was spent walking around in the rain on Good Friday.

Plumber collected me at 9.15am (no bank holiday lie in for me). We drove off in the rain hoping that the sun would come out eventually. Arriving in the city we began to worry about the lack of shoppers.............perhaps being a Bank Holiday the shops were not open. But by the time we reached the Cathederal the clock was striking 10.00am shopers began to appear from all directions. We wandered around the big department store for a while before heading off for other smaller shops. Plumber treated himself to a new big brolly and I bought my boys some alternative Easter Eggs (football socks & goalie gloves). Next it was M & S which was when I got the giggles. Whilst I was browsing Plumber took a phone call from a customer. I couldn't help giggling at him talking business, pretending to be really busy when he was really wandering around between racks of bras and knickers.

We wandered up and down the streets trying to keep dry but not really seeing much from under his brolly. We stopped for refreshments in a vegetarian cafe. The cakes looked very scrumptous but we managed to resist. Once we were back out in the rain Plumber was very keen to show me something he had discovered recently. We had accidentally timed our arrival at the Cathederal to coincide with the worshipers departure from their service. We saw several people dressed in robes so guessed there had been some acting going on. Walking passed these people we made our way through the cloisters emerging at the rear of the cathederal beside the Bishops Palace. Here he revealed his suprise, the Bishop's Garden.

By this time I was tired of walking in the rain and we made our way back to the car park. We decided to find somewhere for lunch. Soon we were back on the motorway heading west, I was beginning to think we were going home but we drove on past our town until we reached jnct 7 and wound our way along country lanes. We spotted several pairs of pheasants pretending they own the road.

Finally we reached our destination a country pub in Durley. We had a lovely meal in very pleasant surroundings. I am certainly discovering lots of lovely country pubs that I hadn't been to before.

I'm off to a family wedding now, but will post some photos from my day out, once I have returned.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The wonder of Facebook

I was going to write a post about my day with Plumber, I was also going to write about my trip to The Cotswolds but before I can write either I feel compelled to write a very different post.

Along with quite a few of you I have a profile on facebook. I don't use facebook all that much, I have phases. Mostly in recent months I merely look to see what my friends have been upto, write a comment but don't get involved with all the application. I did though do the quiz to see what chocolate I was seeing as Queen Vixen had already done this one and was shown to be a snickers bar how could I resist. I am a twix bar apparently.

Through facebook I can keep up with what some of my blogger pals have been doing like Dani whilst she has been in australia although she hasn't been blogging much she has been posting comments and photos of her trip on facebook.

Recently I have had a fair number of friend requests from people I had lost touch with in my real life. A couple I knew before I met my husband for example. A woman I was very close to when our children were at the play group stage.

Today I had a new request from a woman I was very close to for years from when her son was two (he turned 19 this week). This woman is incredible. If I have had a tough life hers has been twice as tough. At the turn of the century she was just beginning to get a normal life back after a number of years helping to care for her mother who has been severly disabled both mentally and physically since a brain haemorage when she was in her early 40's. Her 10 year old son became very ill (he had lukemia). But even though she was caring for her sick mother and her very sick child as well as managing to cope with a pre school child, she still found time to talk me through my cancer.

We lost touch a couple of years ago when her marriage was in trouble, her husband blamed me. I was very worried about my friend but felt it best to keep out of the way until she felt it was safe to make contact. Today I was so very pleased to hear from Abbie, we have exchanged some very long emails catching up on each other. Abbie is the most caring and genuine persone I have ever known. I have just worked out that she has just turned 40 this month but she has so much worry and stress in her life I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the rest of her life the happy stress free life she so deserves.

Whilst I was catching up with Abbie I discovered that I had accepted another request, this time from a man. I don't remember accepting him. I have found a couple of friends that I don't recall accepting. I only accept people I know or who know my friends. Tonight I was looking at this name it dawned on me that this name was familiar so I checked the profile. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I do indeed know who this man is. We even dated once 18 months ago. I did think this must be a mistake as the last time we had contact was a very strange affair. I am not sure if I explained on here how our brief relationship came to a very abrupt and definite end.

On his profile he has two friends (one of them being me). I wondered if he had realised who I was. I sent him a brief message saying that I was very suprised. He has replied asking if I still live in ******* so it appears that he does know its me. Well I wonder why he has decided to make me his first friend and why now.

It seems that Skipper has joined the list of men I used to know, who are turning up out of the blue. Knight, Forest, Bovril (aka Married Man) and now Skipper.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Its my birthday and I'll cry if I want to

Ok so today is my birthday and so far it is not much of a birthday.

Plumber took me out for the day yesterday which I shall tell you about later. It did rained all day!!

Today I have been given a box of quality street and a cup of Lady Grey tea from DC before I gave him a lift to work (his car has been off the road for about 3 weeks).

I have had a few texts from The Married Man .......nothing exciting just asking what I was doing today and wishing me a happy birthday.

I had happy birthday texts from Dark Side and also #3s ET (I guess thats as good as it gets with 17yr olds)

JA called out happy birthday as he passed my door.

The card that came through the post wasn't a birthday card it was an easter card for the boys from their paternal grandmother.

I did get something in the post though, a skirt I had won on ebay.

Also in the post was a letter from my motor insurance company saying that I hadn't returned the direct debit form they had sent me. If they don't hear from me by 17th April my policy will be cancelled and I will incur cancellation charges. (My policy runs out 3rd May). I checked through my bank statement online and to my horror no payment had gone out in the last 30 days for my car insurance. I rang them up and it now seems that I have not made a payment since september 2008. I have not cancelled the payments and as it is one of my smaller payments I have not been checking it every month as I had no reason to think it wasn't going out as it should. It was certainly being paid the last few times I checked but obviously that was longer ago than I realised. My monthly installments are only £26 but with 7 months to pay it soon mounts up and has come as something of a shock. We checked that my account details are exactly the same as they have on the system. He checked to see if any letters had been generated but none had. My insurance has been allowed to keep going until now!! It is all very strange.

The young man set up this month's payment to go through with the remainder being 27th April as my policy is due to finish so soon. I told him that I don't have that kind of money in my account on 27th as I get paid on 30th April. He tried to set it so that the payment would come out on 30th but it wouldn't allow him to do that. His line manager also tried to move the date but was not able to. I was told that I shouldn't worry as when the payment fails I should ring up again on 30th to reset the payment. I don't want to do this as it means I would incur bank charges. His next suggestion was to not make a payment now or 27th but make payment over phone on 30th. This sounds better but of course there is a catch. The letter says if they do not hear from me by 17th April my policy will be cancelled. Now it is my intention not to renew with them anyway but I don't want to tell them that now, neither do I want my policy to be cancelled early.

It looks as though the rest of my birthday consists of shopping, cleaning etc then dinner with my mum followed by an early night. Tomorrow I am taking my mum to visit my 90yr old grandmother in Cotswolds returning on Monday. I had hoped that my birthday might be a little more exciting than this. But Plumber is working, Golf tells me he will see me after the weekend and I have not heard from Karma since Thursday.
Even the sun is hiding!!

Friday, 10 April 2009

This is getting to be a habit

It is becoming a habit going out with Plumber.

I have told about our fourth date together, earlier this week we had our 5th date wich is date 7 in total but hold on I have not included my date with Thomas so really this is date 8.

Last weeked Plumber had invited me along to a gig that the band he works with were due to play in one of the local villages but just as I was about to set off he told me that the gig had been cancelled. He wanted to see me on Sunday evening instead but I didn't hear from him all day until the early hours when he apologised for not being in contact.

On Monday I text him to see if he would be working late, he wasn't so we decided to go for a drink. When he collected me he asked if I had ever been to the pub with no name. I hadn't a clue where he was talking about. He drove out of town along a familiar road. I kept expecting that we would soon arrive at this pub (which is now called The White Horse). We seemed to be driving for ages, we had long since gone further than I was familiar with. Making our way along the Meon Valley travelling ever north. Eventually we turned into a smaller lane for a few miles before arriving at a quaint country pub complete with duck pond on the edge of the car park.

We sat drinking our South African merlot in a bar that appeared to be in a time warp. We were both interested in the price list hung on the wall by our table. Between us we worked out that it must have been from the early 1970s. It couldn't have been earlier because it was in £ and p not £ s d as it would have been pre decimalisation in 1972. But it couldn't have been much later as the prices were so low. I don't remember any drink (pint of beer or spirit) being more than 29p most were in the 23p -26p price range.

Once we had finished our drinks Plumber decided to show me another pub he knew on the way back home. It was around 10pm by this time but as we drove along it soon became evident that country pubs shut early these days, we passed pub after pub that was already in darkness. The pub he wanted to show me was also in darkness as we passed. Finally we managed to find a pub that was open, the same place we had enjoyed a meal a few weeks ago. There were very few people in the bar, the restaurant already closed. We found a table in a secluded corner where we could sit in relative privacy. Even at one point with my legs resting across his lap as he marvelled at how smooth my naked legs were below my black lacy skirt.

After being kicked out at closing time we drove back home where we sat snogging for a few minutes. But Unfortunately my bladder cut short our kissing when I had to make a run for my house.

For this date I wore a black top under a scarlet jacket, black skirt and scarlet shoes.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dangerous suprise

On saturday I had a chat with aunty (first time for months) I didn't really have any pressing issues I just fancied a chat. She wanted to talk about the men in my life. I told her Golf and Plumber's names but she asked for the other one. I told her Karma's name and the name I use for him but she only wanted to use his proper name. She went through each one of them telling me how each of them feel about me, how I feel about them, the respect they have for me and vice versa. How romantic each of them are etc. She told me that not one of them is romantic although each of them can do their bit. All three of them like me enormously and have great respect for me. She said that Plumber is the softest one of them but he doesn't blow my mind. She was right in everything she said but I did tell her I was suprised about what she told me about Karma as I believe he has lost interest. She was having none of it, saying he has not lost interest he has just been preoccupied.

To my suprise on Sunday I got a long text from Karma, on Monday there were more text and when I got home from a night out with Plumber there was an email apologising for being busy. There have been more texts since.

This afternoon out of the blue I got a text from a number not stored on my mobile. It was from the man who had inspired me to write this little fantasy. He was telling me that he was in our place. I replied that I was at work, he let me know that he had been passing and was hoping we could catch up with each other.

Tonight I was suprised when I signed onto msn, immediately I was greeted by a friend I have not chatted to for weeks. Nothing unusual about this as we often go weeks or even months between catching up. But tonight was different, very different, tonight verged on dangerous territory. No I got that wrong it didn't verge on dangerous territory it slammed into it. Within minutes we were discussing whether I wanted to see him. I was frantically avoiding answering all his suggestions and propositions. He knows how to make me melt, he knows I find him incredibly sexy. He knows how to play me, he was doing his best to tempt me. I was doing my best to put him off. He didn't want to be put off. He tells me that his blue eyes are still sexy.

He knows I can't resist his charms. I know I can't resist. I have been dreading this conversation for 18 months. I knew eventually we would have this conversation. I knew all along that I would want to go to him, I would want to feel his touch, gaze into those blue eyes. But I also know that it is dangerous for me. I jokingly accused him of being in need of a leg over wrapping it up in prety ribbons. But he assures me that he is not in need of a leg over but he says I am a very sexy and enjoyable lady.

I have managed to avoid agreeing to anything so far but I don't know how I will fare next time we chat. Now that the conversation has happened I know it will again.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

good start

I checked online
found the right one
expanded the map
finished dressing
got into my car and drove to The City
luckily being the start of the school holidays
traffic was light
a journey that
I expect to take 25 to 30 minutes
took less than 20
A short walk
ringing the doorbell
being shown into a small room
with a table and 3 chairs
I sat mostly in silence
while the man talked
there are new forms to complete
appointments to follow in due course
tests to be done
hopefully everything
will be found to be in good order
This child of mine will be accepted
By the RAF

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

These 5 men

Recently Fire Byrd suggested that I should change my blog name to Ms Enigmatic....... I can't think why!!

Perhaps she thinks I don't tell you enough about the who where and when of whats been going on in my social life recently. You have probably gathered that I decided to keep my options open for a while and not date one man exclusively.

Karma is the man I have been in contact with since December (the first new man in my life since Romeo). But I felt that even though we seemed to be getting on incredibly well it wasn't moving along as much as I would like so I backed off and started dating other men. Communcation between us became sporadic and I assumed that he was losing interest. I now think I may have been wrong about that judging by recent emails and texts. Apparently he has been away with family and work is hectic.

Plumber is the first new man I started dating, we have now been out 5 times. He is very sweet and likes me a lot, I am sure he would do anything for me because ' you are worth it'. For my birthday he is taking me shopping in Chichester (something I have never done).

Golf is the third new man, I have only seen him once so far, he doesn't like to plan ahead but prefers to be spontaneous, he knows about Plumber so knows that he runs the risk of me not being available. He is a busy man with his own business, he too has just returned from working away. He brings out the worst in me, I thoroughly enjoy our verbal fencing. We talk about all manner of things share a very similar sense of humour.

Luigi I have not met but I am still considering it. He is very good looking and drives my favourite X type jag. But there is just something odd. I like to swap mobile numbers once I have agreed to meet but he won't swap numbers until after we meet. He tells me that if I am worried, my son can write down his car Registration number when he picks me up on the corner of the road. We should have gone out last Friday but I called it off partly because I was not sure and partly because I was very tired.

Thomas has been on the edge of my life for some 30 months. I adored him from the very beginning. I adored him more after we had met. He is gorgeous with his soft curls, gentle eyes and sweet smile. He is the object of my lust, a lust that we have shared since the start of our friendship. For so long we tried to repeat our early meetings, then we kept each other at bay as our lives got in the way but never losing contact completely. A few weeks ago I told him that I was back on the market. We agreed that we must find a way to meet again. Last week he invited me to join him in his beautiful home surrounded by woodland, a natural garden with a host of daffodils waving in the breeze beside the meandering river. He is very important to me and always will be but I don't know if we will get many more opportunities together. I don't feel it would be in either of our best interests to see much of each other.

These are the 5 men who each have a place in my life right now.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Date four with Plumber

I figure its time I told you about my sixth date which was date four with guy one (Plumber). He had been ill since our third date. Curiously he had become ill on the Thursday after I had seen him on the monday and Golf had become ill on the Friday after I had seen him on the Tuesday. Golf says it must be my fault. But I believe it was mere coincidence that they both got man flu a day apart. They both know I am not seeing them exclusively but they don't know who else I am seeing.

We were chatting online when he said he wanted to see me again. I really wanted to see Gran Torino so I suggested the cinema. Apparently it is more than 25 years since he last went. The cinema he used to go to was knocked down and replaced by shops before I moved to the area 21 years ago.

On the night we had agreed to go he collected me from the corner of my road. The film had been showing for weeks so there were not many others watching it with us. We didn't have long to wait. From the minute the film began I could tell he was loving it. We sat holding hands like a pair of teenagers. But we were both so enthralled by the film that it had our full attention from beginning to end. Afterwards he drove me straight home. A few minutes of kissing and we parted company as we were both very tired.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Done it again

Darn darn darn I did it again!!

The post I wrote for this blog is over on Battle instead grrrrrrrrrr

so if you want to read it go here

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Room with a view

If I adored him before I adore him even more now!!

explanation is here

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

On Days like this

Driving home along the motorway tonight I was thinking about how lucky I am. My health is fairly good. (the problems with my leg a few weeks ago a mere memory now).

Some mornings like yesterday everything is painted pastel colours of pink, blue and pale grey as the sun tries to break through the early clouds. To me the pastel colours are beautiful. But having said that so are the bronze tinged colours of mornings like today when the sun has already emerged. Driving home into the sun with the blue of the sea spread out ahead of me as my journey takes me west fills me with joy. It is the warm spring days like today that I love. Everything seems so much better on these warm sunny days.

Work is going well at the moment (it isn't all rosey but close enough). I am enjoying the challenges I have set for myself. I still get frustrated that some people seem to find the simplest things so difficult to understand but for the most part our small team are getting on well.

I have several men in my life although none are serious. There is the sweet Plumber, the more high powered Golf, Luigi (you have yet to hear about him) Kama who has been away but returned today, but also the object of my lust, Thomas.

I feel as though life is good and can only get better.