Monday, 11 May 2009

Who did they send then?

Last friday I gave instructions to both ET and DC (he was having a few days off work) to make sure they were awake when the plumber arrived to look at our shower that thinks it is on health plan......a couple of minutes of scalding water followed by freezing water before continuing the cycle again and again.

I got a phone call from the contractor saying he was stuck at wholesalers and would arrive around 12 midday.

Aparrently he was a little early and DC was in the bath when he arrived.

I asked DC what the diagnosis was ( Plumber believes it is the solenoid that is the problem).

'he only stayed a couple of minutes.....he said that he would have to get a plumber to look at it as he didn't know what was wrong'

If he wasn't a plumber who the F *** was he ?

Why would the contractors send some out to assess a problem who had no idea what he was looking at?


Dark Side said...

I take it that was the Landlord that sent him, I have a builder that checks most things out before he decides who he needs to give the job too....hope you get it sorted very soon though..xx

Lady in red said...

They use one contractor who employs many different tradesmen. They just sent the wrong one for the job ......I had even told them what my plumber said the problem is, as well as the make and model.

This job merely needs one visit to replace the old shower with a new one but now it will be 3 visits
1. To find it requires a plumber
2. will be to find it needs replacing
3. to replace it

Dark Side said...

They are priceless! Aren't they, one man one job was far too easy for are tradesmen after all...xx

nitebyrd said...

If it's like here, they send the supervisor out to take a look then they send the actual repairman when they have a chance.

MarmiteToasty said...

did you lad check his ID? maybe he was just a perv that wanted to see you boy in the bath lol


Anonymous said...