Friday, 15 May 2009

No more emotional mess

Last night I saw Forest

It had been over a year and a half since I last saw him. We have become friends again during the intervening months. But I didn't think I could ever risk seeing him again. I was afraid that seeing him would undo all the healing I had done. I was afraid that seeing him would bring back all the old feelings I had had for him.

About a month ago Forest suggested meeting up again. I thought about it for a day or two but didn't give him a decision right away after all he might have just said it on the spur of the moment. I figured that perhas he was just feeling horny and wanted to get his leg over thinking he could get this with me. He assured me that this was not the case at all. I waited for him to ask me again a few days later before I agreed to meet up. Over the next few weeks he was texting me on and off but we didn't make any plans to actually meet until last week when it was decided that it would be either sunday or Tuesday evening. By last Friday the decision was made that I would go to his house on Tuesday evening.

I had just arrived home on Tuesday when Forest text me that his son had decided to spend the evening with him. We agreed to postpone our evening until Thursday besides I was not in the best of spirits as that was the day I was feeling really down. Wednesday I was getting more texts




Thursday morning he text to make sure I was still ok to see him that night. I was looking forward to seeing him again but not sure how I would feel when I did. When I arrived and he greeted me with a kiss before making me a nice cup of tea then leading me into the livingroom where we sat chatting and kissing oblivious to what was going on on the tv (The Devil wears Prada).

Like me he has put on weight since I last saw him (not that I made any comment) and his hair is a little greyer than before. Other than that it was as though it had been only weeks not months. I felt very relaxed with him. To my delight although I still like him and think he is sexy I didn't feel emotional at all. I was even wondering why I had been so besotted with him before. I am sure that now we have spent one evening together there will be more but this time the

emotional mess is absent.

Much to my amusement Forest said he was suprised that I am not blonde anymore. I have never been blonde! I had been colouring my hair with various shades of red and brown which had faded leaving my hair lighter than my natual colour. You can judge for yourselves if I look blonde in this picture taken just weeks before we fell out.


Fire Byrd said...

Oh I'm so glad that you're out of emotional stuff with him. Will make life so much easier for you.
And anyway you seem to habve enough other men hanging around at the moment????

Casdok said...

Men and hair colours!!!
But glad you felt relaxed.

Dark Side said...

Pleased to hear you have managed to close the emotional side of Forest down at last and I am sure you feel much better for it.

Yes blond, not seen that before must admit...xx

MarmiteToasty said...

You look blonde in the sidebar and reddish in the blob photo.... you look completely different in both photos... would never of know it was the same person...

Forest, what a great name...


Lady in red said...

fire it was good to see him without all the emotional stuff going on. I am glad we managed to remain friends he is one of the constants in my post marriage life.

Lady in red said...

Casdok its funny how my hair did go through a stage of looking blondish where the colourings had faded but that was after I stopped seeing him!! perhaps it was the picture on my side bar that was on my msn messenger for a while that gave him that impression

Lady in red said...

DS now I can stop wondering if seeing him would open up that can of worms again.

Lady in red said...

Marmite after my divorce I went through a period of putting red colouring in my hair. It was always cheap and always faded. In the picture on my sidebar my red streaks had not only faded but merged together giving an impression of blonde in the picture.

He is called Forest because that is where he lives :-)(just streets away from my home as a baby & close to the retirement home my grandad was in for a while))

Anonymous said...