Thursday, 21 May 2009

getting the needle

On Monday morning I had to make a detour on my way to work. I had rung the phone number, written down the details of where to go and when. I checked my map book to find the right road, you see I know the main roads in this place but not the side roads. Driving into the road I found a car park, paid for my ticket and set off in search of my destination. Walking back to the end of the road then finding my way to the high street looking for the Pharmacy. The instructions had said it was behind the pharmacy. Typical, the pharmacy was quite some way down the high street on the corner of another road. I found my destination at the far end of the road where I had parked and what do you know, there was another car park right opposite the entrance.

It was only 7.45am but even so the room was already crowded. I took a number from the modern machine on the wall, took up a position next to the internal door ready to wait. At 8am the first buzzer went, as the numbers on the screen slowly changed and chairs were vacated I managed to find a seat where I sat clutching that important scrap of paper. My ticket was adorned with the number 20 but by the time it was my turn to leave the waiting room the numbers being churned out were in excess of 50.

Walking into the room handing over my form, I confirmed my name, address and date of birth. Sitting in the big black chair with the big sloping arm rests I turned my head away as I chatted to the lady with the needle. I never like to see the point when the needle goes in. When she had withdrawn this evil instrument of torture, applied pressure and a wad of rolled cotton wool, I was again able to give my attention to this woman while she wrote my details on the four narrow phials.

2 days later I phoned my Dr's surgery to arrange an appointment but was told that most of my results were in, but one needed to be retaken. There was of course only one test that it could be, the one that required me to starve for 12 hours again. I need to retake the glucose test.

So tomorrow I have to again face the lady with the needle