Saturday, 9 May 2009

can you hear them?

Did you hear them?

No what?

The sheep!

No I can't hear anything just you

You can't hear the sheep baaaaing?

No nothing



Cup your ears like this


You really can't hear them?

No..................oh hang on I heard something very faint, yes now I can hear them getting clearer

We were stood on the top of the hill looking out to the horison where we could see the lights from Fawley Power Station then further west Southampton. There were other lights dotted around the landscape before us between the fields and trees. We couldn't see much else in the darkness with only the moon to light our way. The clouds fanning out from the moon in a way that reminded me of sun rays. Craning my neck as I tried to make out the star formations between the clouds. He held me to him as he stood behind me arms around my body as we found The Plough, but unable to clearly make out any other formations even though we knew they were there.

Our evening had started out with us driving aimlessly not knowing where we would end up. First we stopped at the pub famous (in the past) for all the shoes you could see on display there. The shoes were removed by the current owner so I only saw 2 on the mantlepiece (one that must have belonged to a very large man). As we chatted and drank our Australian red wine he regaled me with tales from his time in The Army along with stories of sailing trips with friends. When we left he wanted to show me the view from Old Winchester Hill. Of course at that time of night there wasn't much to see but it was still lovely looking out into the empty night with the only sound being our own voices and those of the sheep in a nearby field (when I finally heard them). After a few minutes cuddling in the open air we drove further along the lane so we could see the lights of Portsmouth and further out Isle of Wight. Before turning back and parking up in a secluded corner of a carpark hidden away from the road for some canoodling.

Unlike Cinderella I wasn't home before midnight but not much later as we were both tired.


Dark Side said...

Aw that sounds like a lovely evening...xx

MarmiteToasty said...

The Shoe Inn at Exton is one of our summer pubs :)

And we were on Winchester hill only this afternoon lol

Sounds like you had 'fun' :)


Fire Byrd said...

Sounds a good date. And a good man

DJ Kirkby said...

Special moments like these make for good memories.

CheekyDani said...

Sounds like things are pretty lovely between you two, I'm so glad for you x

Mel said...

Listening to sheep and star gazing. Sounds like the perfect end to the evening to me!

Though usually we're listening to the crickets and frogs...

Lady in red said...

thanks all it was a lovely evening as all our dates have been and yes he is a good man.

Fat Controller said...

Sounds just perfect, right down to the canoodling in the car park after nightfall. I must look up The Shoe next time we're in UK

Anonymous said...