Friday, 22 May 2009

Motorbike rider

'Silver Toyota T reg x'

'Motorbike red'

This was how we were supposed to find each other at our rendevouz. Unbelievably we had never seen each other's vehicles before.

He had text me this morning saying he could drop by at lunchtime. I didn't get a reply when I asked what time. But when I was out helping my mother to buy a new mobile phone (she also treated me to a new strimmer) he text to say that lunch time had come and gone, not much time at weekend so we would have to meet at airport station at either 4.45pm or 8.45am tomorrow.

'It will have to be 4.45 I'm afraid'

So there I was at 4.40pm parked up waiting, he text to say he had got caught on phone but would be there soon.

I settled down to read a bit more of this book while I waited. Before too long a rider on a red motorbike drove passed me then returned but didn't stop just carried on. It must have been at least 5 minutes before my phone rang.

'where are you?'

'in my car'

'but where?'

'where are you? I'm parked at the back of the platform........when you drive into the carpark pass the station and up ahead'

'when I drove in I passed the taxi rank and round the small roundabout'

'I can see the taxis from here.'

'ok I will come find you'

I saw him drive back past the taxis and disappear back into the other part of the car park. I waited a few more minutes then got out of my car to stand leaning against the bonnet as I continued to read my book' I heard his bike but didn't look up from my book until he stopped next to me.

I moved to stand nearer to him, we spoke briefly as he reached inside his jacket pocket, pulled out a case which he opened up to reveal two pairs of glasses. Looking inside I selected the pair with the pink tinged black frames, put them on my face and we said our goodbyes wishing each other a good holiday weekend.


Elaine said...

Most people go to Specsavers!

Lady in red said...

hee heee thats where they came from 2 months ago

Mel said...


They deliver!

MarmiteToasty said...

Just got back from the opticians about an hour ago....... aint been for a couple of years.....

My bank account is now £229 lighter....... holy cow........maybe I should of gone to spec savers LOL


Dark Side said...

Good to hear you have them back...xx

Lady in red said...

It seems that when I was at Forest's house my glasses had fallen out of my jacket pocket. I didn't expect it to take a week to get them back though

Dazza said...

It was a bit like a spy movie! Secret rendezvous and exchange...


Anonymous said...

Wow! this sounds like something from a 007 movie. *laughs*

Fat Controller said...

Mobile optician..that's a good idea!

nitebyrd said...

I'm thinking that there was some problem getting eyeglasses in the UK and you needed to buy them black market! LOL

Lady in red said...

Should I say that I have not seen Forest since he gave me my glasses back!

Anonymous said...