Thursday, 25 December 2008

A special day

Ooooppps we were due to be at mother's by 10am so that we could open presents before heading off for our dinner. But I only woke up when DC came looking for wrapping paper and sticky tape at 9.45am. It was time to leave the stockings for the boys as I had fallen asleep before them at about 2.30am.

No time for the bacon bagels we had planned to have. By the time we reached mother's it was 11am so we just had time to open a few prezzies, including the now infamous wii which the boys loved, I needn't have worried about that. DC gave me this lovely fluffy white hooded dressing gown. ET and JA gave me a new handbag and a necklace with matching earrings.

OJ gave me a laptop bag

the boys got my mum a digital picture frame. They seem to have got really good prezzies for each other this year.

We arrived at the restaurant just as they opened the doors. We had to go down two flights of steps to a room with just three tables set up. But how many people can say they views like this whilst eating christmas dinner in UK.

The meal was lovely, the boys were good company we all had a lovely time.

No one thought much of my idea that we go for a walk along the beach, probably because only two of us had coats. So we returned to mum's to finish opening presents.

watched by santa

Here he is guarding my bottle of baileys and electronic dictionary. By 5pm everyone was ready to return home, within minutes the wii had been set up. I have already played a couple of games against JA.

So now I have told you about my day what did you do on this day that we have been preparing for over the last two months.


Fat Controller said...

Looks like you had a great day, and fine weather to go with it. I love the view from the restaurant...I must try and find that place next time we're over!

I gave my mum a digital photo frame last christmas so now send her updated memory cards with all the latest pictures of the kids.

Lady in red said...

now that is a great idea.

I wasn't sure she would be keen on the picture frame but she said she had been thinking of getting one now she has to sort out some pictures to put on it.

If you ask me nicely I will tell you where the restaurant was.

I hope your day was as lazy as you hoped ;)

Rae!xx said...

Mine was very quiet really, me and Belle went to Mum's for dinner but I was home in time for Doctor Who.

Got some lovely pressies though..pleased to hear you had a good day and I told you the boys would be thrilled with the

DJ Kirkby said...

I blogged about our day. Yours looked fab. Where is that restaraunt, I should know but can't place it! The boys got you some really lovely gifts!

Mel said...

Oh, what a lovely day of it you all had.....

And we had too much food, JUST enough laughter and the company of good people.
Who could ask for more, eh?


BTW--the boys did very well with their prezzie choices. Very nice, indeed!

Lady in red said...

Rae I am sure that as quiet as it was your day was still just what you wanted.

How is Belle now?

Lady in red said...

DJ it looks like you have had a lovely few days too.

The restaurant is a well known pub at Hill Head with a famous view except that the sun was too bright to see anything when I took the photos.

Lady in red said...

Mel they did do well didn't they. I think I have taught them to think of the person they are buying for. My brother appears to buy a lot of things then see who to give them too. I was amazed at his choices this year. He has in the past tended to buy things totally wrong for my boys. This year he bought only for my two yougest. We expected their gifts to be the usual games that are far too young for my boys but this year they got.................shaving gel and soap!!!! (for a 13yr old!!!)

cheekydani said...

Sounds like a lovely day, nice and chilled and happy and relaxing :) I'll blog about mine at some point but it was also lovely and chilled, and I had a giggle fest with my brother and Mum over Skype... hilarious... :) x

Fire Byrd said...

Your day sounds really good, as mine was. 7 of us to the table and I did it all. It was like a milatery operation! Then far to much to drink all round. But lots of fun and laughter, just lovely.
Hugs xx

nitebyrd said...

Looks and sounds like you all had a great Christmas! What lovely gifts!

Anonymous said...