Friday, 19 December 2008

Not the best of weeks

It hasn't been such a great week. First ET had the let down over the job that this time last week seemed to be the opportunity he needed.

On wednesday I decided to take the afternoon off from work, it was quiet so they could manage without me and I still had one day leave to take before the end of the year, so now it is just half a day. I could have gone off galavanting and had a god time somewhere. I could have gone off christmas shopping. Instead I nipped into asda for a few bits before heading home to bed with a sinus headache. I slept from 2pm until 7pm apart from the regular interruptions of

'what are you doing home? whats for dinner?'

By 7.30pm I was at my mums having agreed a week earlier to help her to count the money from that day's collection outside a local store for the Rotary Club. They had collected over £300 in one day from that particular store so another 3 sessions like that would see a nice big donation for their charities account. For my efforts I was rewarded with a bowl of hot christmas pudding with rum sauce mmmmm very welcome.

Thursday morning I woke feeling fine which was good as I had obviously caught the sinus problem early and headed it off before it became the prolonged problem my colleague had been experiencing. But by lunchtime the headache was back only this time it was down the side of my face instead of the front. By the evening I was feeling sick, so another dose of capsules and an evening sleeping was called for.

I am glad to say that today I have felt fine no sign of sinus pain. However there has been a growing unease at work as news filters through that we can't be paid yet. Our biggest customer is late paying the amount owing for this month. A couple of us looked up how much that company owes and although only a fraction of it is now in arrears in total they have had over £1m worth of stock that is yet to be paid for. Scary stuff. Although I don't think our company is about to go under I am worried about how long I can make the money in my purse last. I have warned DC that he might have to pay for food for the next week and I will pay him back when I finally get paid.

As for my love life watch this space I might have some news before long.


Anonymous said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you. am keeping you in mind when i make my christmas wish (a.k.a closing the eyes v tightly and making a wish whilst splitting the wishbone of the christmas turkey!!) *smiles*

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh Gawd...well I hope there is some good news on the love life front at least. Very worried about you not having any money over Christmas hon.

cheekydani said...

Oh gosh, what a worry, fingers crossed your company gets paid really soon... thinking of you x

Fire Byrd said...

as everyone else said about your wages.
Hope the headache stays away to.

Lady in red said...

thanks for your good wishes. I am keeping my fingers crossed too.

Lady in red said...

I don't know what the future holds but we will manage, if nothing else I am now glad we are going out for dinner on xmas day so that is one day less to worry about. As much as I won't ask her to help unless I really need to I know my mum will make sure we have food etc.

as for the love life ..........well maybe I shall kep that to myself for a while until I am sure there is anything to tell

Lady in red said...

I personally think that half the problem is that in December everyone expects to get paid early.

The Directors don't appear to be harrassed so I am trying to be positive .....not easy when you work with people who have a very negative outlook on everything.

Lady in red said...

Fire byrd

I am trying to be positive and so far no headache since thursday eve.

Anonymous said...