Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Blogging by proxy

In the end I was only without the internet for about 36 hours as I was at work when it went off. But during the time without it I have played far too many games of spider solitaire and won precious few I might add. I have listened to music, watched tv including a few Nicholas Cage films

Monday night I went shopping at Asda as DC had given me some cash. 20 minutes after arriving at the store I had finished gathering up the bits I needed to get us through the days upto xmas day. 20 minutes to shop but 35 queueing just to get to the checkout. Having left home at 9pm I got back home at 10.30 for just £25 worth of shopping!!!

Tuesday evening more spider, more tv, then just before midnight the text began,

'are you awake'

Then the phone calls began. it was LV he had read my blog and wanted to chat.
During our chat LV decided to read the coments on my blog to me. That was so funny hearing someone else reading my blog and the comments down the phone to me. But if I thought that was funny it was nothing to listening to him reading other blogs out to me so that I wouldn't miss out. All these blogs were ones that he doesn't usually read. Which made it all the more hilarious. We didn't stop talking until 2am then my alarm went off at 6am, by 8am I had paid my phone bill and gone back to Asda which was not particularly busy neither was the town centre where I went next. so here I am back home and back online. Just about to fall asleep before I start reading blogs.

Have a great christmas everyone