Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The joys of boys

Tonight DC has made arrangement to visit my mum tomorrow evening. He has decided that he wants to go to University next year. He plans to spend two years studying Comedy writing. He feels that his destiny is to write comedy for radio. He has been putting together his 'Personal Statement'. I was priviledged to be asked to read the notes he had made whilst he was putting it together but now it has been completed he wants my mother's professional eye to look over it.

Apparently in the course of their telephone conversation he suggested possibly taking OJ with him to show her his 'Personal Statement'. OJ has just told me that he has had acknowledgements from two of the Universities he has applied to. Warwick have let him know that they always wait until the last minute to make an offer of a place. Surrey have also said it will be a while before they make offers. The others he has applied to were Bristol, Bath and lastly Southampton, all of which he believes have very good maths departments.

Last night I mentioned to OJ that he will be in charge again on Saturday as I will be driving up to The Cotswolds with my mother to visit my late dad's elderly mother. M who will be 90 over the christmas weekend still lives alone in her own bungalow, still drives short distances and still writes poetry on her computer.

OJ has now confessed that he wasn't here on Saturday night while I was away, he went to an 18th b'day party. A party with a difference, all the boys wore suits. Apparently DC had a hand in dressing OJ up for the occasion 'smartening me up'. OJ is very smart in the intelligence sense of the word but scruffy in apearance most of the time. He has always been one of those boys who no matter what you dress them in they will look a mess within minutes. JA is very much the same (a typical boys boy).

ET has an interview tomorrow yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee, perhaps I will be able to relax instead of worrying about him sitting in his room day in day out playing computer games. He doesn't even see his friends anymore. A year ago he was always going out with friends now he says they never ask him any more. Probably because he went through a stage of wanting to play his damn Call of Duty game endlessly once his study leave began back in May. He has become a virtual recluse, one reason why I insist on him leaving the house at least once a day.

So tomorrow he is meeting my mum after her hairdressers appointment and travelling with her to the other side of town. She is going to her Rotary Christmas Dinner at the Golf Club. ET's interview for an IT Company is in the same Business Centre that has been built in recent years in and around an old Manor house that had fallen into disrepair. The interview is for IT support 37 hours a week at minium wage but at least it will be a paying job and even if he hates it at least it will give him some experience and something else to add to his CV for next time. He is very lucky to get this opportunity so quickly. I really hope that he get the job and starts to get a life again. It worries me that he has lost his friends.

While I was trying to find out more about the Company I received a request to be added to my windows live account
I accepted albeit sceptically. But it was a young man (no more than 20 at best) my immediate thought was here we go again ...............
But he said I bet you are wondering why I contacted you.......I was browsing the net looking for anything about my cousin and I came across your comment.

there is absolutely no such thing as a friendly match in football, if anything they can be dirtier than league or cup matches.

watch out for a little girl at chelsea she is 11 yr old Jodie Brett she will captain her side this coming season.....knocks socks of the boys let alone the girls

this was something I wrote in the comments on a blog in the summer of 2007. It turns out that this lad is Jodie's cousin. Jodie who is in JA's class at school was the best player in JA's football team when he was 8. She later got snapped up by Chelsea and has been woth them for a few years now. Apparently she now also plays for England Under 14 girls.


Rae!xx said...

Fingers crossed for ET interview and it't lovely the boys where honest about Saturday night, hope they had fun...xx

Fire Byrd said...

Boys who have em.... well apart form their mothers ( and if their lucky? their fathers) But don't they just keep you going with their lives.


aka k said...

It's true about Warwick, last minute offers. Great uni though. You'll get to know the A34 2 well if he goes there.

Anonymous said...