Friday, 21 December 2007


Just a little something I threw together for the guys at work

For more than ten years I have considered her to be my friend

Now I am not so sure

What is she doing to me?

First she calls me and tells me she needs me to work for her

What she didn’t tell me until it was too late

I would be working with these two

On my first day he shows me what to do

Now he throws work at me to do

On my first day hardly a word he uttered

Now he tells me that

My arrival has corrupted him

Can he please have more

On my first day she was not there

She is a presence that cannot be missed

To her birthday bash I got an invite

Making a fool of myself getting pissed

Then there are the women in accounts

Most every day I hear

The same words spoken in my ear

I am ready for invoicing when you are clear

My orders are to pass over

Any order that is on credit stop

She will check it

And pass back on the hop

I cannot easily see her

From where I sit

But I am always glad

When she offers a cup of hot tea

Now things are changing and like a fool

I have allowed myself to become

Part of the furniture.

You realise that here is where I shall stay

After months of observation

I decided to take the plunge

I have signed the contract

It is all agreed

No more part time hours

I shall have to learn

Early to bed

Early to rise

It has been good for me

No longer spending days alone

Joining in conversations

Showing my knowledge

Laughing at their idiocies

Being laughed at too

Realising I am worth more

Than I had achieved

My confidence has grown

So very much

For the first time

I know who I am

But now I know too

The real reason

She wanted me there

So she can ask me to feed her cat!!


Emma said...

I am so pleased for you getting the new job, it's done wonders for your confidence, 2008 is going to be a good year for you babe...xx

Complex Girl said...

Congratulations on the job Lady!! Well done you!! It will make such a difference to your income, and I'm sure your social life as well!

Merry Christmas, and a very happy new year x

somebody said...