Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Pixie's Party

right so I am back and I need to catch up with everyone
I know you are dying to know whats been going on with me
where do I start?

right I've just checked the bullet post Vi wrote ...good thnking Vi

my weekend with Pixie, Queen Vixen and Trousers
my plan was to set off at about 1.30pm (I was going to give Vi a lift but that plan changed)
As I was getting ready to set off the BT engineer arrived so I had to stick around while he did his checks on the phone line which was dead as a dodo.
eventually I set off in bright sunlight only to find that 40 minutes up the road I was driving through torrential rain. by the time I reached the motorway it was sunny again but the light was fading fast. I got all the way to the small town where Pixie lives before I got lost having missed the first turning off the main road. Having driven around for a few minutes I found the local Co - op and called Pixie who then told me how to get to hers from where I was. Quite easy really, as I reached her house I saw this mad woman on the doorstep waving madly.

Having parked and hugged I was shown to my room. Then it was back to meet Trousers. I had seen comments of his on Pixie's and a few other blogs, I had even lurked on his blog a few times as he had on mine but we were not in contact so I was unsure how we would get on. he is lovely and even now several weeks later I can't help thinking that he reminds me of someone only I don't know who.

Pixie is just lovely. She is exactly how I imagined her to be. warm, charming, generous, witty and just lovely, her enthusiasm is infectious. Her home is wonderful, everywhere you look there are little collections. I couldn't begin to now tell you what they were as they were many and varied. Suffice to say that you could never get bored just looking around there is always something new to see.

QV arrived shortly after me. Again I had only lurked on her blog a few times and after my first ever comment she then announced that she would not be blogging anymore. I could be paranoid and think that had something to do with me but I know it wasn't. A very bubbly blonde, she swept into the room in a glorious black lace gown showing a very generous bosom (not that I have any need to be jealous).

We had a scrumptious meal all home cooked lovingly by Pixie, I know it wasn't all on the diet but I don't often get to go out and eat like this. The food was washed down by a number of bottles of bubbly (we got through almost 6 bottles between the four of us). Considering I had never met any of these people before I felt very comfortable with all of them. Pixie had rung me on friday night wondering if she should cancel as so many people had dropped out and it would now be just the four of us. having negotiated the night out and looking forward to it for 3 months I was more than happy to still go. Small gatherings are better for me anyway, being slightly deaf I find larger groups overwhelming as I can't hear everything that is going on, so I tend to sit back and watch rather than take part.

After much chatting and laughing the tarot cards came out, as did the phones. I text Neptune (with much encouragement from the others) to tell him that on my way to my weekend out I had passed the town where he lives. I asked if he wanted to meet up when I came back the next day. To my suprise he said yes. we arranged to meet in the tesco car park. while this was going on Pixie began blogging about our drunken evening, I added my bit,as did both QV and Trousers. I can't now remember who ws sat on the chair when it fell apart. But it was hilarious watching a pissed Pixie trying to put it back together again, eventually she gave up. For some reason both QV ans Trousers' parts of the blog ended up somewhere in the ether. I do remember we had some fun teasing Innocent on the blog, he text me that he could see we were having fun.

We finally fell into our beds at around 3am or at least most of us did. In the morning (was it only 5 hrs later) we were all in the kitchen drinking tea or in Pixie's case hot water, when she told us that not only had she gone for a walk after we went to bed but she also did another blog.
after a cooked breakfast QV set off home and I left not long after just as Pixie and trousers were about to embark on a late morning stroll. I would have joined them if I hadn't arranged to meet up with Neptune.


katy said...

sounds like a great time was had by all

Pixie said...

It sounds fab fun..... oh yes it was I was there...DUH!
Good to have you back hon.
Mind you, you seem to have kept yourself occupied whithout us!!! Judging by the above post. need a lie down having read it!

Emma said...

Oo not read the above post yet, see you in a min....sounds like a great night..xx

somebody said...