Saturday, 22 December 2007

Dilemma and decisions

After weeks of not being able to get online I now find that I have so much to say that I don't know where to start.

I really should tell you what happened with Skipper. This you can read about here. It also tells most of the story about Harvey. Harvey was an unexpected diversion that lasted a few days only.

Yesterday I arrived home from work to find that the house was empty. DC was in London with his G/F. ET was in the city with his mates whilst JA and OJ had gone into town with their dad. (He had promised them lunch, what they got was cheesy chips at one of the town centre pubs). Anyway I took the opportunity to go online. I noticed that a man I had not chatted to for a while was online. I sent him a xmas wish, not really expecting a response. But to my surprise he started chatting, we had met in summer 2006 but only chatted a few times since. To my surprise he has not forgotten much about our encounter. By the end of the conversation we had agreed to meet up next friday morning. I am in two minds about this, yes it would be nice to see him again he was lovely. but he is married! I am not sure that I want to go down that road again. He has said he will IM me in the next few days, I am half hoping that he doesn't, but he is gorgeous.

I was surprised this morning to get a text out of the blue from Sammy. He had gone very quiet for a while. He apologised for not being in touch saying that he has been very busy.A few days ago I mentioned that out of boredom I had joined a text talk line, I have not got around to cancelling it so every now and then I get a cluster of text messages from different men. At the start of the week I got a message from Dave, his message included his mobile number. I was at work at the time but did reply in the early evening from my reserve phone (not sure why I used that phone). He didn't reply, but later I got a text from an unknown number.

Who is that?

more to the point who is this? very few people have this number

mate in the pub gave me the number and told me to text it

who is your mate?

hes not a mate just a man I know in the pub. He calls himself Larry.

Ok what town/city are you in?

to cut a long story short the man who had text me originally had given my number to this guy who I call LOL because he was bored. We have continued to text each other for the last 4 evenings.

Some of you might remember back in the spring when I wrote this well now I am having a similar problem. Why do there have to be so many married men amongst my friends?


DJ Kirkby said...

Tsk, tsk LiR...leave the married men alone...They wouldn't want to share you with another man so why should you share them with another woman?! You are worth more than that!!!!!

Lady in red said...

My thoughts exactly

nitebyrd said...

Most married men deserve their wives. Lady, you deserve better!

Waynecoff said...

thanks for help with stat counter, i have uploaded yours, its much better, will have to get the counter matched up to mine, x

BBC said...

I've always steered clear of married women, and I think you should steer clear of married men.

I'm just working on accepting that there isn't anyone for me. And looking forward to summer and warmer beaches and camping.

Have a nice Christmas hon.

having my cake said...

Stay away from the married men, hon, nothing but heartache there... Have a really lovely Xmas x

somebody said...