Wednesday, 26 December 2007

A good Christmas

I hope all my friends had a good Christmas

I think ours was the best I have had for a long time, until late afternoon when my baby became ill. He slept in my bed so we didn't get much sleep until about 5am so I am shattered now but otherwise it was good.

Mum came over at about 9.30 just as I was making bacon rolls for breakfast. Unbelievably the boys were late up. I let them open a couple of presents. First they all got the phones I had given them. (that was a really good deal I got last week, went in to buy one phone and came out with 5 new phones total cost £80).

Then mum and I went to see grandad in the nursing home to give him his presents. It was very busy there with all the families visiting. He was very pleased with his presents especially his new watch with the big numbers so he can see the time now. Whilst we were there DC went to see his g/f and give her and her family presents.

Back home I cooked the dinner (first time I have cooked Chrstmas dinner entirely on my own) the only disaster was that I mistimed the stuffing which resembled charcoal........well they wouldn't believe I had cooked if there was no charcoal involved! While the dinner was cooking we opened the rest of the presents. amongst my gifts I received a limited edition glass necklace from Venice (mother) perfume x2 (DC & ET) new HD dvd player (mother) only prblem is that I don't have an HD ready TV. Thats something to save up for now!

In the afternoon after the delicious dinner (they all ate it and said it was good) we watched Casino Royale I fell asleep (I only had a few hours sleep the night before), but the bits I did watch I found quite disturbing. I hadn't seen it before and Craig Daniel is a new face to me even though I know the name from all the hype. But as I watched my mind kept playing tricks on me. Instead of watching Daniel Craig as James Bond in my mind I was watching Swinger as James Bond.

The rest of my evening and night was punctuated with 'mum I'm gonna be ****'.


Emma said...

Glad you had a good day Lady, Daniel Craig is just awesome, I went with widdower to see it at pics and I had raved about the scene when he walks out of the sea, when he had done that widdower asked if we could leave now because I had seen the bit I wanted to see....xx

nitebyrd said...

I can't hear "James Bond" without picturing Sean Connery. Even if he is 110, he's too damn sexy! ;)

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, Lady.

Anonymous said...

What a great day! Happy Holidays!

RONJAZZ said...

A wonderful day, honey. Now... the New Year looms large!

BBC said...


Um, so you must live in the UK somewhere?

Tell me something, are all you British blokes bat shit crazy?

Like all us American blokes?

Casdok said...

Glad you had a food day. Hope your baby is feeling better.

Lady in red said...

Emma it was so spooky to be watching the film but seeing a former lover's face instead of the Daniel's. Maybe I was subconsciously pining.

nitebyrd James Bond will always be Roger Moore for me

SM thanx I see you can't wait to get back to work hope you are feeling better.

Ron please don't I hate new year more than christmas!

bbc yes always been in Uk.....yup I think that goes for all men wherever you are

Casdok thanks yes hes feeling better.....had a sleep over with a friend last night I'm just off to fetch him he says hes very tired.

George said...

Hey LiR ... sounds like a great day. That must have been a weird experience seeing the x as James Bond.

I am sure you did a great job with dinner.


Anonymous said...

nice one, have a great new year, xx

katy said...

wow what a bargain on the phones.
glad you had a good day, sorry your baby got sick poor fella.
we watched Casino Royale too, and Bond is Sean Connery for me ooohhh got to go now!!!!!!!!

having my cake said...

Mmmmm... Daniel Craig as James Bond. It's what Xmas Day afternoon in front of the tele was made for. Happy New Year x

Anonymous said...