Saturday, 6 June 2009

Surprising friends

In the last few days I have gained three new friends on Facebook. All three men are real friends in one way or another.

First, I had a surprise friends request from Mr Green. Mr Green has not been mentioned on my blog for a long time. I have not seen him for ages but he is the friend who gave me advice when I had my interview for the job I have now. We are friends who keep in contact erratically. We go out for a drink and a chat infrequently. I wrote a fantasy for him the summer before last.

He has since emailed me to say he doesn't know why he joined Facebook as he prefers normal emails. I really must reply to him before I forget.

Secondly, after an unexpected exchange of text messages this morning I happened to go onto my facebook and found a friend request from Karma. I was very surprised about this for two reasons. I didn't think he would join Facebook especially as he doesn't even use an instant messenger. Again he prefers good old email. The other reason I was surprised was that I am never really sure where I fit into his life. we are friends but I don't know if he wants more , or even if there are other women in his life. I notice that I am one of just four friends the others being his son and daughter and another male. So I am honoured that he has chosen to ask me to be his facebook friend.

Thirdly, Paulo. This was rather odd, he flashed up on my screen as a possible friend. He has an unusual name so I didn't think there would be many others with his name. It also showed that we had a mutual friend (Having my Cake). I text him asking if he had a friend with this name. He replied that he did, I told him she is a friend of mine.

'Is she as sexy as you?'

'Don't you know?'

'I don't have a clue, I saw her ass and added her for fun x'

'We have been online friends for a couple of years and yes she is a yummy mummy'

So I think now I shall have to be very careful what I write on my facebook


Ashley Ladd said...

I've only been active on Facebook for the last month and I love it. I've connected with old friends and cousins and am already addicted to Farm Town. I'd like to be friends there, too. I'm "Ashley Ladd" there if you'd like to be one of my friends on FB.

As far as being careful what I say, I'm using my pseudonym so my boss and co-workers won't find me. I'll have to see if I can make another account there with my real name for that group.

Lady in red said...

Hi Ashley I have been on face book for about 18 months and go through phases where I use it a lot or not at all. I don't use many of the applications these days except maybe quizzes when I'm bored although I am hooked on the bejewelled game at the moment. Mostly I use it to keep up with my friends.

Most of my friends on there are people I know either from real life or through blogging.

When I said I will have to watch what I say, it was more a case of letting Karma see that I am not sitting around waiting for him but at the same time he doesn't need to know too much. I want to draw him back in not push him away.

Anonymous said...