Sunday, 7 June 2009

Plumb job

I have continued t spend more time with Plumber.

I didn't see him on Thursday although we did chat on the phone. On Friday evening he phoned to say he was going out with his mate for the evening but would like to see me later if I wanted a chat or some pleasure. I was just running bubble bath at 10.30pm when he phoned, he would call for me at 11.20pm. Armed with a glass of whiskey and lemonade each we cuddled up on the sofa. Or to be more accurate I was snuggled up to him while his cat made himself comfortable on his lap. It was about 2am by the time we snuggled down to sleep so it was nice not to wake up until 7am. I could easily have gone back to sleep if he hadn't made us both a mug of tea. I don't know how it is that after just a few cuddles the clock leapt forward to 9.15am.

Plumber had promised during the week that he would put my dishwasher in for me on Saturday morning so I figured it was time for us to get the day started. Right on cue Plumber received a text from his mate asking if he was coming over to collect the dishwasher. He took me home then went off to get my new prized possession. He didn't return until about 1pm, at which point he discovered that this was not going to be a five minute job. The space that it was going into was not big enough! That isn't quite accurate, the space was big enough but the inlet pipes for the washing machine were in the way. In the end the whole thing became a major operation. Plumber's mate passing him the required instruments when requested. (Not really, I left him to it and got on with other things in other rooms).

Just after 3pm he left saying he would be back at 5.45pm to take me out (oh and dress warm as its going to be cold and might even rain). He arrived at 6.05pm apologising for being late as he had been to a bbq in Grotspot and got stuck in traffic. A mere 12 minutes later we joined the queue of traffic trying to get into the Marines Base where we watched the final dress rehearsal of the Marines Marching Band preparing for The Trooping of The Colour next weekend. Following this very visual event we headed off to Asda to get my shopping as I hadn't been able to go earlier. He left me at home unpacking my groceries while he went home promising to be back in the morning to finish putting in the Dishwasher, but he wouldn't be too early.

He arrived a little after 10.30am asking if I had just woken up............cheeky git, I was having my breakfast, but had been up for a while. He didn't take long to realise this job was going to be even more work than he had thought when he began yesterday. I left him banging, sawing and cursing while I went online to check what was going on in the blogosphere and Facebook land. Don't worry I didn't abandon him completely, I did make him a cup of tea before he turned the water off. Once I had made sure all was well with all my online friends I continued sorting through some old paperwork that was stacked up on my units in my lounge/diner. As 12.30pm approached Plumber told me that he had to go for lunch with his mother as she hadn't seen him all week. '57 and she still treats me like a child'. He said he would put the water back on for me while he was gone. We soon discovered that he didn't and it wasn't easy to get to the stopcock as the washing machine was now in the way.

We were begining to wonder if he would return when he finally came back just as I was about to text him 'water!'. More banging and sawing took place until finally it was time to slide both the washing machine and the dishwasher into their slots. The maiden run took place at 5.45pm and to my delight everything is working brilliantly. I am only sorry that what was supposed to be a simple job turned into a major plumbing job.

All this has made me realise that no matter how independant I am, I still need a man to look after me and my home.


Fire Byrd said...

Course we do..... but you only need to have a relationship with one if it suits you, otherwise you can pay one to do your bidding!!!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh. Sounds like a busy but nice few days! Enjoy your new toy.

Mel said...

Oh, what a ceremony that musta been. (The Marines AND the dishwasher, apparently...LOL)

Anonymous said...

That's a weekend very well-spent, if you ask me *grins*

Dark Side said...

I am so pleased he has turned out so handy :)

Anonymous said...