Friday, 5 June 2009

Getting cold

I am worried that I am getting cold!

Earlier in the week I turned down an evening with Forest again. We have chatted but I have been very careful not to give the impression that I am keen to see him. I do want to see him but I am not falling over myself to move mountains to get there. 2 years ago I would have done anything just to spend a few minutes with him.

I have been spending a few evenings with Plumber this week. He provided a dinner of cold chicken and salad on monday evening with cheesecake for dessert (not very nice we donated 3/4 of it to ET's get fat campaign). Followed by tv before an early night of passion. Tuesday evening was bbq in his back garden, tv and an early night falling asleep almost straight away. Wednesday I decided to stay at home with my boys but Plumber had other ideas so I had dinner with him, then home for an early night alone. It has become obvious that he likes me a lot. He even phoned me last night because he hadn't seen me online. Apparently I am his number one.

I have not asked him outright about being married but the evidence of the last few days has been confusing to say the least. One minute I am convince he does still live there then there is proof that he doesn't. Anyway what I was going to say is that I am enjoying the attention and he os good for me but I don't miss him when he is not near. I don't get palpations when I think about him. I like him but there is no spark. Last night he waited until he had spoken to me to see if I was going over to his place before he cooked his dinner. I could have gone over but I chose not to. Instead I stayed home and chatted to Forest without any feelings of guilt.


Fire Byrd said...

oh you fickle creature you!!!
just enjoy what you're getting 'specially if the dishwasher gets fitted!
Why should he light your fire, there's stil someone holding that torch isn't there!

nitebyrd said...

Not cold, but realistic. You have good company and some "fun", enjoy it! He's not "the one" but he's there and he's nice.

Joanna Cake said...

Wot she said! Enjoy without the commitment. It's so nice to hear you sounding relaxed about the men in your life, rather than driven to hear their approval x

CheekyDani said...

Just go with it I reckon, until one of them makes your heart flicker!

So no more questions about Plumber then?


Anonymous said...