Monday, 15 June 2009


I had a very quiet weekend really just letting my body adjust to my new medication.

I discovered on Friday evening that my tablets, as large as they are, are not difficult to swallow. (says the woman who for years had to have soluble tablets as I could not swallow them any other way). I felt no side effects at all on Friday other than I was ravenous all evening.

Saturday was a bit of a non starter because we had no food in the house that didn't involve cooking. It was early afternoon when I met SF in town s he could give me this month's maintenance money. Still only a meagre £100. Last month I asked him to give me the £60 he owed me from the two previous months when he had short paid me. Oh well at least now I know how to get rid of him when he starts pestering me again. (Saturday was the first time I had heard from him for a month). I nipped in to see my mum as she had taken to using that well used line............I've forgotten what you look like.

It was about 5pm by the time I got to Asda after not eating all day (yes I know I mustn't do that especially now). I treated myself to a chicken wrap before going home. I have decided that while I am on just one tablet a day I will take it after my evening meal as that will make any side effects easier to deal with. This time I felt quite off colour for an hour or so after taking it. I had to have a nap before I started feeling more myself.

Sunday was a lazy day at home starting with a bowl of weetabix with skimmed milk. I spent most of the day messing around with photos on my laptop. The boys went to their father's for a roast dinner so I had salad for my lunch. I was feeling fine all day other than the guilt complex for not going on my planned walk. (Karma sent me a message on facebook asking about my diabetes and saying to let him know if I need anything). I did reply that perhaps he could accompany me on some of my walks. I was prepared for feeling off after my dinner of jacket potato and curry but I felt absolutely fine.

Working is going to be my challenge. After my breakfast of 2 weetabix at 6.30am it was too long to last until my salad at 1.30pm with just a few red grapes to snack on during the morning. By the time I took my lunchbreak I was feeling light headed and had a slight cold sweat. After my lunch I had ten minutes to spare so went for a walk around the block in the sunshine. I shall try to do that every day although I am not sure I will have the will power in the rain. With only a few more grapes during the afternoon I had a quick snack of wholemeal bread with marmite when I got home. (I had been trying to avoid bread for a few weeks). It was about 7.15pm by the time I sat down with my jacket potato and salad with a small piece of ham and leek quiche. Again I didn' feel quite myself for a time during the evening.

Now I understand why I am on 1 tablet a day for 4 weeks before having 2 per day after that. My body is adjusting to my medication. It is going to be trial and error for a while. I think I will kep a food diary to help me work out what works for me and what doesn't. I have also been reading the diabetic cookbook that SF left behind when he moved out. I hadn't realised how many scrumptious recipes it contains. Added to this I have been reading up on the internet about the different foods that are good or bad etc.


Blogget Jones said...

I totally understand where you are with this. You probably feel wonky because you are used to the feeling of high blood sugar, and the medicine is bringing that down. For me, normal blood sugars feel funny right now. Too low, and I get that light-headed, clammy feeling.

Do they have you checking your own blood sugar levels throughout the day? I have to do that twice a day, for now.

If you want to chat about it, feel free to email me --

:o) BJ

Fire Byrd said...

Are you eating enough? I know your blood sugar has to settle down but going for 7 hours without food except a few grapes might not be enough.

CheekyDani said...

Take you a while to get used to it I expect, look after yourself lovely Lady! Sounds like a few people on here can give you advice, along with your doctors etc x

nitebyrd said...

It definitely will be a period of adjustment. Please watch yourself carefully, Lady.

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