Saturday, 20 June 2009

Behaving badly

If you think you are going to read about my naughty behaviour you will be disappointed although my doctor might say I am.

It is a part of me that is behaving badly, a part I can't live without even if I wish I could.

If you have read the two posts before the last one you will be aware that I have been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. I started taking my metformin tablets last Friday evening . I have been trying very hard to be good with my diet. Some evenings I have felt off colour but I put this down to adjusting to the new medication and regime. I have spent far more time looking at food labels than usual. I never really noticed just how much sugar there is in most food we buy (normally I would be concentrating on the fat/calorie content).

I have noticed that I have been getting very sleepy earlier than usual too. Even though I often have a nap when I get home from work.

On Friday I had an appointment with the Diabetic Nurse. She explained everything to me (much of it I knew from being married to a diabetic). She gave me my own personal torture kit. My husband had one so I am familiar with them.

When the time came to take the first test before lunch I got everything out on my desk set the time and date and worked myself up to do the deed. I depressed the needle dispenser.....nothing, I tried a bit harder, still nothing. Pressing it as hard as I could still it would not budge any further. By now I was becoming agitated so I gave up and had my lunch.

In the evening I tried again before my dinner, again I couldn't get it to work. I had my dinner and waited the 2 hours before the next attempt. this time I persauded DC to hel me, he couldn't operate it either at first then realised we were doing it wrong. Now he had figured it out he managed to get the needle to stab me. But although my finger bled it was only a tiny drop, not enough for a reading. Second and third attempts still not enough blood for a reading. I gave up yet again. I understand the importance of taking these tests but I also know how stressed out I was becoming with all these failed attempts.

Ever since I was pregnant with DC I have experienced intermittent problems with giving blood samples. There were times when it took several nurses to obtain a blood sample from me. I have 'sluggish blood'. One thing is for sure I am never likely to bleed to death.

This morning before breakfast I had another attempt at doing it myself. Again very little blood came out, I had failed again! An hour after breakfast I fell asleep again for an hour and a half. It was too late for my next blood test so I waited for my pre lunch test. This time I just couldn't get the needle to work, so another failed attempt. I tried again 2 hours later but this time I just could not force myself to press the button.

Tonight before my dinner I tried one last time on my own before getting any help. I couldn't believe it, this time it actually worked. Not only did I get the needle to work but there was enough blood to get a reading of 5.6 which I believe is just as it should be. Yes it did hurt but not for long so maybe I might just get used to this a little quicker than I had thought providing that my blood behaves.


DJ Kirkby said...

yes 5.6 is perfectly acceptable. Well done you!

Mel said...

Perseverence paid off.

Well done!

Lady in red said...

DJ that one at 5.6 is the best one the others have ranged from 6.5 to 12.4. It seems that the better I feel in myself the higher the the result!!

Mel so far I have managed to get 6 readings out of 9 since that first one now I have run out of testing strips!! Have had to send for some more.

nitebyrd said...

I'm glad you continued to try. I'm sure it will become easier with time and as the medication takes hold.

Dark Side said...

Well done you for not giving in I am very proud of the way you are handling this..xx

Blogget Jones said...

I applaud your perseverance!! I can sympathize. I stand at the bathroom counter every morning, with the stupid stabber-thingy pressed against my finger, going "Ok...1...2...3. Ok, do it this time. 1...2...3..." I'm ridiculous.

Mine has settings from 1-9 for how deep of a stick you need to get the blood sample. I use 5. I have to dangle my arm down for a little while and press the blood to the end of my finger before starting, though.

Hang in there!! Feel free to email anytime, if you want to chat!

:o) BJ

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