Thursday, 11 June 2009

Meeting Echo

Only I could think about eating a salad where the main ingredient is shredded beetroot for my lunch.

Only I could think of eating a salad of shredded beetroot whilst weating a white blouse.

Only I could think of eating a shredded beetroot salad whilst wearing a white blouse when I have a date with a new man straight after work and I have no spare clothes to change into.

Luckily I only dropped one piece of beetroot.

Luckily the blouse has a low cut neckline, the beetroot landed on my cleavage. The purple stain was the size of a pin head and not easily visible.

Luckily Echo did not notice the stain, or if he did he didn't show it.

We had arranged to meet at a pub, not far from my work, at 5pm. He had said that he would be there at 4.45pm. I was to leave work at 4.30pm for a change although I could do so every day. I fixed my make up and changed into my red heels to go with my red suit and white blouse. I arrived at the pub car park and text him that I had arrived. A minute or two later I saw a car drive passed, I recognised the driver from his photo. Once he had arked I got out of my car and was fiddling with the lock when he came up behind me checking that it was me.

Neither of us had been to this pub before, the bar area was dominated by a very large party of drinkers sat in a big group, probably a works do. Echo ordered two 'random' J2O's for us we both got raspberry. I don't think the young barman understood the concept of 'random'. We made our way to a table in the corner, both of us aiming for the same chair.

We chatted easily, which was good because he told me that he had met a few others and found that the conversation was not great. But for us there were no awkward silences, if anything I talked too much. I wasn't the slightest nervous, I felt totally at ease with Echo. Unfortunately echo couldn't stay long as he was scheduled to play a tennis match later. we did manage an hour before he had to go. We walked out to our cars together and he kissed me lightly on the lips before leaving me.

Later I found a long email from him saying how much he had enjoyed meeting me and he had really wanted to kiss me much more but then he wouldn't have been able to tear himself away.

I am hoping that his work (which is not always regular hours) will soon give us the opportunity to meet again, for longer next time.


CheekyDani said...

Nice one, sounds like he's into you which is great. Did you fancy him? x

Dark Side said...

Some positives in there I feel, have you managed to have THE chat with plumber yet?


nitebyrd said...

He sounds very nice. A good prospect, maybe?

What are "random J2O's"?

Lady in red said...

Dani I am not sure fancy is the right word but he has very kind eyes and a nice smile, I liked him.

DS no I have not had the conversation with Plumber. I kind of feel that would be mean after he spent so much time doing my dishwasher for me and he has cooked dinner for me 4 times in the past 2 weeks. I just keep mentioning that he lives wit his mum. It might be that things between us start to slow dow now that his house/cat sitting is over.

nitebyrd J2o is soft drink of mixed fruit flavours the random part was because all the flavours are lovely so rather than choosing he asked the barman to select two random bottles expecting him to choose two different ones not two the same.

Anonymous said...