Friday, 3 July 2009

Wednesday Echo

I had a surprise text on Tuesday asking me to meet for a quick drink. Wednesday would be passing my town on his way home from a day working in Bournemouth. Just as I was parking outside the restaurant/bar I got a text asking what I wanted to drink. I walked into the bar whilst he was ordering my drink. Both of us being diabetic and driving we both had large glasses of diet pepsi. I had known even before I arrived that Wednesday wouldn't be able to stay long but we had formed a kind long distance bond over the weeks that we have been chatting. He looks exactly like his picture on MSN although I hadn't expected him to be so tall (almost 6'3"). I didn't notice his strong accent so much in person as I do on the phone. Talking with him was so easy (ok I admit it I just love talking). He told me that I am exactly how he had expected, very down to earth, (well lets face it, at 5'0" I am never very far from the earth.)

He had intended to only stay for half an hour but after an hour of chatting he really did have to leave. Walking out to the car park together we stood beside my car talking (there may have been some kissing too but I can't really remember). After a while I agreed to sit in his car which was in a more secluded part of the car park. There was definitley some kissing now. By the time I left him, insisting that he really should go now, it was an hour and a half after the time he should have left.

I was rather stupid on Thursday. Knowing that I had an exciting few hours ahead of me at the end of my working day I prepared myself by buying a wholemeal sandwich to keep me going until I had my evening meal. (very sensible as I now have to eat regularly). However I was so involved in my work that when I was rushing out of the door it occurred to me that I had actually forgotten to eat my lunch!! let alone my sandwich.

I should have left the office at 4.30 so that I could arrive as soon as possible after 4.45pm. I didn't leave until 4.40 so when I got stuck in traffic (some inconsiderate person had allowed a building at the end of a row of shops to catch fire). There were people milling around and police had blocked off the road outside the shop, I wasn't going that way but vehicles ahead of me had stopped to look!!!

By the time I reached the city I took first one then a second wrong turn in what was now becoming heavy rush hour traffic, with traffic lights on each turning of the busy main road. Finally I arrived at the hotel very hot and very bothered. Echo greeted me with a kiss, poor man must have thought I wasn't coming, he had text and called me, I hadn't answered either and he had been sat in his car in the glaring sun for half an hour waiting patiently.

We had a lovely time kissing and cuddling and getting to know each other better. He is a very gentle man and extremely sweet, it is just a pity that his work commitments mean that the only time we can get together are usually Thursdays but he has to pick up his teenage daughter from her maths tutor mid evening, he has a long drive to get there. I decided to stay in the room after he left. By this time I was beginning to feel ill, I ate my sandwich and made myself some hot tea, ate the battered looking mars bar that I have been carring around for emergencies. Watched a bit of tv and lay on the bed. I must have just drifted off after a brief conversation with Wednesday when I was rudely woken by an alarm going off. I was so disorientated I didn't know if it was a fire alarm or some other alarm. I was running around the room not knowing what to do. I calmed myself down as I couldn't hear other people vacating their rooms. The alarm had stopped and I sat on the bed again and watched a bit more tv until I felt I would be ok to drive home.

Can you believe that on Friday I almost forgot to eat my lunch again!! It was about 2.30 when I realised. I usually have my lunch around 1.30pm


MarmiteToasty said...

Do you ever call all your different blokes by the wrong name before snogging? LOL


Lady in red said...

lmao no I have never called any of them by the wrong name........its very easy really, just don't call them anything at all.

I suppose it would help if I had to call them anything that both Plumber and Wednesday have the same first name. But I find that calling any of them 'sexy' is good enough for all of them.

Damn now I have let my secret out....Wednesday has read this blog (at the time I told him about it I didn't think we would meet). He is thinking of writing his own blog when he finds the time.

CheekyDani said...

Ha! I do the same thing, though for me its "darling"...

Any that particularly take your fancy? x

nitebyrd said...

You need an "I-need-to-eat" alarm!

Good Lord, Lady! You've been a busy woman. ;)

Anonymous said...