Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Another year under my belt :-)

Today was my annual check up at the oncology clinic. In September it will be 8years since I was told my cancer had gone.

Today's appointment was a bit of an adventure compared to previous times. A month ago the clinic had moved from the old inner city hospital I was familiar with to the new impoved 'Super Hospital'. I have been to this hospital many times, but in the last few years it has under gone major changes. Many departments have transferred to the new hospital.

I gave myself plenty of extra time to get parked and find my way to the new clinic. The main entrance has moved, which although I was expecting it was still a suprise. Entering the building at the north west corner on level C I found a desk where there were maps and a nice lady giving directions. Along the corridor were people in pink t-shirts emblazoned with 'hospital guide'. I made my way to the far end of the corridor to the lifts going down to level B.

It seems like a strange decision that the oncology clinic shares the waiting room and reception desk with haematology clinic. I had only just opened my book when an older lady sat beside me. She was keen to chat, it seemed we both had the same appointment time with the same Dr. It wasn't long before the two of us and another lady were led away to a sub waiting area. we continued to chat, mostly about her daughter and son in law. They live in Essex not far from where I was born. We talked about places where my grandparents had lived, her daughter has lived in the same area for years. Then she told me about her son in law, he is very like my ex, she couldn't believe the similarities between them. We had quite a good chat before she was called away and I settled to reading my book. Eventually my turn came.

I had quite a good chat with the registrar, probably the most frank discussion I have had with a Dr. She then examined me assisted by the nurse. She agreed that my cervix has been greatly affected by my treatment leaving it both tight and short. Due to my concerns that my efforts to lose weight have not been successful and eating just the smallest amount leaves me feeling bloated I am being given a CT scan, mainly for my peace of mind but also because it hs been 8 years since my last scan. We both agreed that it is probably my body adjusting to my diabetes that is causing the bloated feeling.

I am also being referred back to my consultant (who DJ calls 'god') for a discussion about the possibilities of reconstruction surgery. Unfortunately it has been too long for my mechanical problems to be reversed easily by other methods. I am not sure if I would go as far as surgery for this but I feel I should investigate all avenues if I am to have a successful sexual future. One of the reasons I feel there is little future for me with Plumber.

Whilst the Registrar was completing the scan request form I found that for the first time I could see written in black and white (more than once) the dimensions of the tumour they found 8 1/2 years ago. At the time I was told only that it was the size of an orange (which didn't really tell me much). But now I know that it was 8cm x 7cm x 7cm and extended from my cervix into my womb. No wonder they were concerned that I might later develop cancer of the womb.

Although I go back in 3 months for the scan results today's appointment was good.


CheekyDani said...

Hi sweetheart glad it went well, nice to hear you speak so positively about it, x

Fire Byrd said...

Lets here it for 8 years and still going!
And to getting more mystery sorted.

DJ Kirkby said...

Glad to read that you felt the appointment was a positive one! Enjoy your visit with Mr God ( he is so lovely).

Mel said...

Yeah for the 8 years and still going!!!!


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