Friday, 10 July 2009

Sunday morning stroll

He was staying in the area on saturday night so we met up on sunday morning. He had only said that he would be in 'The Other City' but not where so I chose the woodland park where we would meet and sent him the post code and directions. He text me that he would be there in 10 minutes. That surprised me as it would take me nearer 15 to get there, I was even more surprised when he still hadn't arrived after 10 minutes of waiting. A quick phone call revealed that he was parked in the wrong place further down the road.

I walked to the car park entrance to meet him, I had only been stood there about a minute when I saw his car pull up. We walked hand in hand through the wrought iron, leaf shaped gate, I had not seen that before. There were numerous other walkers mostly with dogs on leads, soon to be released to run around investigating all the smells of various animals and birds that live here.

It turned out that the friend he had visited lived not far from where we were. It was very peaceful in the park this early in the morning. Families with children enjoying the freedom had not yet arrived. We avoided the paths that led down to the ornamental ponds with their fish and ducks all clamouring to be fed. Instead we took one of the paths that eventually wind around the wooded area to emerge with a view of the busy river estuary. It was very quiet, the only sounds other than our own chatter, the rustling of birds in the undergrowth, the occasional crashing of a dog through the bushes off the beaten path as the owner attempts to call them back to the path.

We found a quiet secluded corner where we stopped for a while to kiss, but I couldn't stand like this for too long, the ground beneath my sandals soft after the recent rain. The big difference in height didn't help either but leaning against his strong body did help to steady my balance. We made our way back to our cars where we said goodbye until another day. I drove off first but by the time I reached the junction with the main road he was behind me. We travelled in convoy until he turned off to join the motorway. When I got home only JA had emerged from his bed so the house was still quiet. None of them realised I had even been out.

I have no idea when or even if I will meet up with Wednesday again but we have continued texting. He has been a big support for me with my diabetes as he has had it for 8 years.


nitebyrd said...

Sounds like a lovely way to start the day. It's nice that he is able to help with any diabetes questions you may have.

DJ Kirkby said...

Well that sounds just lovely. Nice that he can support you with the diabetes too. I am trying to figure out which of the gorgeous woodland between our two cities you are talking about.

Mel said... I wanna go for a stroll around the park--look for frogs and dragonflies!

What a lovely start to the day for you--and for him.

CheekyDani said...

Sounds enchanting... hope you do see him again x

Anonymous said...