Friday, 21 November 2008

More on bits n bobs

Financial Boost

I had suspected that it might be on the cards but I wasn't banking on it. As I was leaving work a few days ago my boss caught me to say that I shall be getting a bonus with my November pay next week. I have to keep quiet about it though as neither of my colleagues will be getting the bonus (you have to be working there for a year to qualify). So now I know that I can pay off my water bill and buy a few things for my family at christmas. I am not going to go mad as I think my income is about to drop.

College Appointment

Today I had an appointment with ET at his college. The appointment was with a lady in the careers department. She tried to find out just what it was that made ET decide he doesn't want to carry on at the college. We now know that what he wants to do is get some training in web design which he now thinks he would like to study at another college nearer to home next september. In the mean time he needs to find a job or some kind of training. He has now signed the leavers form so has officially left college. This means that I will lose 1/3 of the tax credits I currently receive.

Cat Mess

We have had a stinky problem recently. Our cat who is now 11.5 has never really used a litter tray, it is quite something to see her crouched over a storm drain doing her business. Suddenly she began pooping in the corner of the livingroom behind the sofa where the old desk top computer lives. I don't know why she was doing this it seemed to be about once a day. It is times like this that show just what a bunch of wimps I have. Not one of them will entertain clearing up the mess, they prefer to put up with the stench until I clear it up. I was starting to worry that there might be something wrong with her but she does now seem to have stopped. She doesn't seem to have done it since last weekend.

Dating Site

As I mentioned a few days ago I have registered on a dating site. I am not seriously looking but having said that I have exchanged emails with a couple of men, one in particular.

Interests: music, walking, eating out
53 year old guy, kind, caring and romantic, looking for a caring, honest lady for a relationship. Fed up with being on my own. Time for something special in my life

we have exchanged at least one email each day this week.

There is another man slightly younger and just down the road in the city but I get the impression that he is a player or at least thinks he is a ladies man. very good looking for 50 but I don't think hes my type. But as I am not really looking for someone to meet that doesn't really matter. It's interesting to see who is out there locally though.


Over the last few weeks I have seen just how very important our friends are to us. I have been there for some of my friends when they have been in a bad place, but they have also been there for me when I ahve been in a bad place.

Hurrah for good friends even those who we have never met.


We have been getting a bit excited in the late afternoons in our office. In the last few days there have been some really impressive sunsets. So much so that the office digital camera was brought into action on wednesday afternoon. Thursday's sunset was even better. I have managed to get a couple of pictures on my mobile phone but can't seem to be able to transfer photos to my computer from my phone. Today BG who finishes work at 2.30 every day was staying until 4.30 so would still be there when the sun set. But it wasn't so good today, joking I said that it was because she was there. But blow me down with a feather no sooner had she left to go home than the sun set suddenly changed from mediocre to brilliant.

These two views were take from our office window on wednesday. The sunsets on thursday and Friday were even better though.


Grump said...

Lovely sunset. Glad to hear your friends are helping out when the chips are down.
Mark x

Elaine said...

I love the photos!

Things may have changed now, but when Dan quit college I was still entitled to claim Tax Credits for 20 weeks. Check it out :) x

Mei Del said...

i think elaine may be right - you get a kind of breather with the tax credit and child benefit.

love the pictures of the sunset xx

Rae!xx said...

Love the sunsets, I am a real sunset person, I always said I would travel thousands of miles for a sunset, Love of my life always said the best one he had seen was in California.

Good to also hear that you are dabbling with the dating site again too.

And I am honoured to be your friend...xx

Rae!xx said...

Oh and glad to hear puss cat has stopped pooping, I was getting worried about her..xx

Fire Byrd said...

Lets hear it for sunsets and more importantly friends!
looking forward to seeing you in a fortnight.

Lady in red said...

we have been so lucky to see such awesome sunsets three days in a row.

I am lucky to have such good friends and I hope I have given as much support as I have gained

Lady in red said...

Elaine I hope you are right. He did tell me after his last visit to connexions that providing he is registered with them he will still qualify for benefits for 20 weeks but I wasn't sure if this was correct.

Lady in red said...

I hope you are right

Lady in red said...

I have always been a sucker for a good sunset.

Yes I have been dabbling with the dating site but not taking it seriously.

I am homoured to be your friend too

Lady in red said...

I am looking forward to seeing you too

Percy said...

beautiful sunset pics..

nitebyrd said...

Gorgeous pictures! Congratulations on your bonus. The 53 yo sounds nice. Cats are crazy. I had one that used to pee on the toaster!

somebody said...