Friday, 1 January 2010

Just how New Years Day should be

After a late night and no I was not out partying I was at home with one of my sons while the others were all out enjoying themselves.

I slept in, had a very vivid dream about Mr Passionate. In which I had sent him no less than 4 New Year Text messages so of course he just had to come and find me. No it was not a naughty dream ...well ok it was naughty if you count the fact that he is married and in this dream he was surrounded by 3 yes 3 former lovers. but the actual content of the dream was not naughty.

When I finally awoke from my slumbers I figured I should email him to wish him a Happy New Year and hope that all is going well in his life since he moved out of the area. I had purposefully not done so last night, I even half thought I might have deleted him from my contacts during my most recent culling of names I no longer speak to.

This led to some blog writing yes this is my second post on here in two days. I have also written posts on all my other blogs ................get the Dr I must be ill. So much writing in one day, I have not done that in a long time.

By lunch time I had decided that today would be what is known as a pyjama day (for me at least). My sons were going to their father's for dinner or was it lunch (3pm) but first the 3 eldest boys went to visit my mother to help her move furniture around to make life easier for her when she comes home from hospital. She goes in on Monday morning (I have to get her there for 7am) for her latest knee op. DC drove them there and later took them to their dad's so I didn't need to get up as I wasn't going anywhere. Once I had finished writing and reading blogs I ran myself a hot soapy bath and managed to relax among the frothy bubbles for 40 minutes.

I am now dressed, even bothered to put on make up and jewellery, my curry is in the oven and I am about to paint my nails which I have not done for months (probably before the summer). No I am still not going anywhere but who says I can't dress up and look my best just to lounge around indoors with my sons who have now returned home.

Bliss playing on the radio and a glass of spiced rum and coke at the ready.


Fire Byrd said...

I'm impressed make up and painted nails. It was as much as I could be bothered with to wash my hair!

Lady in red said...

ok in the end I have one hand of painted nails never seem to manage the right hand as it is always too busy to let the paint dry

Rach said...

It's strange this, because I don't normally make New Years resolutions, but I have decided that I am not going to sit about in slobby clothes all day when I am in, I am going to dress myself up, paint my nails and out make up on.

I have done it for the last few days and I have to say it makes me feel better.

Try Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat for nails they dry instantly...xx

Elaine said...

Someone once said that plunging your nails into cold water for a few seconds works instantly. I've never tried it though.

Making the effort to look and smell nice even when you're on your own is definitely uplifting. Not only that, you never know when the doorbell will ring. I remember answering the door to the most gorgeous policeman I ever saw - and I had hair dye on my head, a facepack on, and was wearing three day old jammies. Highly embarrassing!

Anonymous said...