Sunday, 31 January 2010

Just call me Rose

Did I ever tell you that my name is Rose?

Have you ever heard of second hand Rose?

Well thats me. Second Hand Rose

Why am I telling you this now you might ask.

Back at the end of November I was asked if I wanted to change my 3 piece suite. I was being offered my friend PB's parents' suite as they were getting a new one. I was shown a photo of a suite in the same colour scheme as my livingroom. The yellow suite I have had for the last 5 years or so had previously belonged to PB and her then husband. As had the pink suite we had before that. Having 4 sons who were not only football and cricket mad but also into wrestling it didn't take long for these sofas to be ruined. I am glad I have never had new furniture while my boys were intent on climbing and jumping all over it. This time though I am hoping that the two still at home are old enough and mature enough to treat our furniture with more respect.

So today was the day my new suite was delievered by PB and my boss. But before they could deliver it I needed to make room for it. I had decided to keep the 2 seater sofa but throw out the 3 seater. Saturday evening saw me and ET attempting to get it out through the kitchen to our back garden. (I am planning to get a skip sometime soon to get rid of all the rubbish that is still there). Between us we manouvered it to the doorway upended it and began to move it through the gap. Half way through it wedged itself with just a couple of inches on either side I was stuck in the kitchen whilst ET was in the livingroom. It wouldn't move either way, so ET stood on the other sofa to reach the side of the arm cutting away at the fabric and foam covering in the hope that this would make a difference. When he had stripped away as much as he could there was nothing more he could do. Eventually we managed to get it back into the livingroom. It didn't matter which way we turned it, there was noway it was going to fit.

There was nothing else for it but to set about dismantling it. Out came my mallet and a pair of scissors. I excused ET saying I would call him when I need him. I actually enjoy weilding my mallet, seeing something solid reduced to a pile of wood and fabric. Not only does it give me great satisfaction but it is easier to get it outside and eventually into my car to the tip. I managed to break it down enough to get it through the kitchen door swivel it round and out through the back door..............all on my own. Then the clearing up process began. It's no wonder my shoulder has been aching since.

Now that I have a new two seater sofa and two arm chairs I think the old 2 seater will have to go too as there is not enough room otherwise.

This afternoon I took my mum out for a short drive. Nowhere exciting just to get her out of the house as she is feeling the effects of cabin fever now after a month of being stuck inside.


Rach said...

Lol, I had to have the window removed at 7.30am on Saturday morning to get my old one out, cutting it to bits wasn't an option I had already promised it to someone else.

I am now the very proud owner of a New two and three seater leather suite, my first new suite ever.

Just keeping my fingers crossed with the cats

Mel said...

Oh, I could think of nothing more satisfying than wielding a mallet and destroying something.

I'd feel better, I'm sure. LOL

And the new sofa is lovely!

MarmiteToasty said...

I to had never owned my own sofa, and had always had peoples hand me downs, until 3 years ago..... I bit the bullet and went to the sofa shop and bought my first ever NEW sofa and armchair.... it cost over 2 grand and its huges and long and deep and ya can lay on it and not touch either end, it was the best thing I ever did....... my lads respect it and we call all sit on it in one go lol.... and the minded nippers know NOT to climb or jump on it....

LOL at the vision of you and your lad with your sofa stuck in the door....

when my HUGE sofa arrived the delivery blokes couldnt get it through my little front door with the little internal door opening the opposite way.... he said there was NO WAY a 9-10 foot sofa would fit in and he would have to take it back, so he put it down in the road out the front, where me and one of my lads AND one of their girlfriends promptly sat on it and said IT WAS GOING IN and we wouldnt let them put it back on the lorry LOL.... in the end they took off the little ball feet of the sofa and BOTH me doors off their hinges and after about an hour it went in HAHAHAHAHA..... there was no way my first sofa that was truely mine was going back to the shop :)


nitebyrd said...

That's a really nice sofa, LiR! Nothing wrong with being "Rose" especially in these financial times.

Hope you enjoyed the hell out of bashing the old sofa and the time out with your mother!

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Barbara C's Blog said...

Don't you had advertisements? I do too. I have moved 52 times in this life and have had many sofas stuck in stair wells, bedroom doors, kitchen doors, etc. I had never thought of hammering it to bits. Congrats.

Anonymous said...