Friday, 29 January 2010

The good, bad and the ugly

There have been some good things this week.

The money I had found last week was given to me mid week as it hadn't been claimed even though every female in the building was asked if they had lost any.

I had a very pleasant evening with a certain friend last Sunday.

I now have my train ticket for my journey home from the trade show next weekend (paid for by the Company).

this is a snippet of a conversation last night............
i know silly its me being happy and stupid
happy and stupid?
at the moment feel very happy cause i am talking to u
aww that's lovely kiss
but would like to try anything that makes u happy

I was invited to join a new social group set up by my friend Fire Byrd. (if you would like to have a look and maybe join then please go here)

There was something bad this week

I received my annual rent review. As from March my rent is being increased by 7% if it wasn't already a struggle!!

That just leaves the ugly

Today I saw a Jaguar drive into the office car park. Now in itself that would be a good thing, I am sure that by now you are aware that I have an obsession with these beautiful cars. But this was just criminal...........this jag was being used as a taxi cab and as such had the taxi cab telephone number and name plastered along the sides and along the top of the windscreen. How could anyone do such a thing to one of these beautiful cars?


Fire Byrd said...

Lets hear it for ever more good things and far less bad.

Lady in red said...

did you notice that the good things far out weighed the bad :)

Elaine said...

7% seems like rather a lot. It's not as if we ever get a bloody 7% pay rise to cover it, is it?

Oooh, naughty chats. Lucky girl!

Rob had a jag. I even tracked down the jaguar for the bonnet for a present (which, for his make was illegal).

Ahh...good times!

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) look at this emo boy one at this blog:

nitebyrd said...

I shall be looking into that group as well.

Karma did work well for you. I'm glad were given the money you found.

A Jag as a taxi! HORRID!

Anonymous said...