Saturday, 1 August 2009

New Direction

This has been a better week, not great but better. I have been in a better place, knowing that although my case has not yet been resolved, it is going to be looked into. I might yet have to pay back every penny that I have allegedly been over paid. I don't know how anyone can be certain about the final figure. It seems to me that the TCO are incapable of consistently calculating the correct figures. How else could they come up with different figures on two consecutive days using the same information. I have finally received the dispute form that I to complete. I have read the accompanying booklet which explains in detail both their responsibilies and those of u mere mortal who believe they are there to help us afford to work. It is my belief that I have always given the correct information within the reqired time scales. Whenever I have received paperwork that I either didn't agree with or understand I was straight on the phone that same day. Anyway I feel so much better simply because I am not accepting that I have to pay this money. In the meantime I have increased my personal loan to give me soe breathing space. I got confirmation on Thursday that the loan has gone through.

The new old romance with Oxo that started up again so suddenly, ended just as quickly. Less than 72 hrs in total. I was pissed off at the way it ended but not overly bothered. On the evening of the day that that particular relationship ended I was already due to go out with some of the girls from work. A chat with forest involved a request to visit him after my evening out. 7.30pm I set off with PB on the short walk to our local Tandoori restaurant. I was wearing jeans and my Purple top with black beads on the shoulders. I decided to wear my black beaded shoes (a favourite pair that I have worn many times). But day in and day out for months I have worn open sandals, wearing y shoes with bare feet was a mistake. By the time we joined our friends (6 of us in all) my heels were blistered. We had a lovely evening, but by 9.45 we were all ready to go home. My feet were very sore so I ended up walking 2/3 of the way home bare foot. It wasn't until I got home that I discovered just how badly injured my heels were. I text Forest to let him know that I wouldn't be visiting him. I told him that my evening had been nice as had been the rum, wine and baileys that I had drunk. He was disapointed but agreed that I should not try to drive.

When my colleagues saw my poor cut heels I soon gained a new nickname........scabby cow (ok it was me who said it first).

I am not entirely sure how my thoughts progressed as I was driving home from work but I know I started off thinking that adult education classes start again in september and I really should do something (even if it mean asking my mother to pay for it for me ..not something I like to do). I could go back to creative writing classes, that would force me to do more writing but isn't exactly very active. I revived my contemplation of whether Belly dancing could be the way for me to go.....perhaps I could try a weekend session. I began thinking about doing something which would get me out of the house and meeting new people. Somewhere along the line I came up with an idea, one that had never occurred to me before. An idea that most of you will find unexpected if not a little odd. But if you knew more about my life growing up in Kent you might be less suprised.

When I got home I went online to find local clubs, there are about 8 within a few miles. I checked out a few of the websites, read about training coures. What each club has to offer, membership fees, club houses. I gathered that the various club houses are open on saturday and sunday lunchtimes and evenings as well as weekday evenings. They all have regular social events. They all encourage people to visit them to find out more. So having done a bit of homework I made a choice, I didn't discuss it with anyone, choosing to keep it to myself until I had been there. At lunch time today I parked in the small carpark beside the clubhouse, climbed the stairs to the small bar where I was welcomed by a very friendly bearded man. I told him I had come to have a look at them. That my family are growing up and it is now time for me to find a new interest. He asked me if I had done this before.

Not since I was a child

Not very long ago then

He seemed friendly, there were not too many people there, so I couldn't really get a feel for what they are like but reading through the most recent issue of the club magazine I think it could be good for me. Later I called round to see my mother and after a while I told her about my idea, he thinks I should do it.

I am still thinking about it, I don't know if I will do this, I might have to be extra nice to my mum, not that I am ever anything else.

Watch this space


Elaine said...

Sailing! Yay! good for you!

I had a rather lengthy dispute with the Tax Credits Office. Bastards. Three grand of overpayment a few years back. I appealed, and lost. Make sure you read the small print for your appeal so you know exactly what they'll oveturn and what they won't.

What annoys me the most about TC is this. If you are skint in week 1, they will give you x amount of money. If you have a windfall in week 37, they will ask for the money back which they gave you in week 1. However, they won't ask for it straight away, they'll take 2 bloody years to sort it out.

Good luck. x

Fire Byrd said...

When I did it last year it was both exilharating and terrifying at the same time.
Or is that just a tease and your really going to be doing something like morris dancing!!!!

Lady in red said...

Elaine I am quite expecting to have to pay it all but won't do so wihout a fight. Having read it all through I can see that they have got everyone over a barrell. They have prety much got it all sewn up. Of curse none of the points I am making fit into any of the scenarios they have quoted but I am not going to just accept it without fighting.

Lady in red said...

Fire of course I remember you learning to sail. Just like I remember my mum doing the same in her late 40s. Until shortly before he died my father had boats (some he built himself in our back garden) so in a way boats have been a part of my life even if I have not actually been on one for many years.

So when I was casting around for a new interest where I would meet new people it just seemed to be the obvious choice plus I have always loved to be on or near water and it might even give me more inspiration to write.

Mel said...

Oh, silly me. I re-read, trying to find what I Mel!! *laughing*

Sailing! Wow.... Himself so misses the sea and sailing.
What an awesome idea.
I'll be watching this space!

Dark Side said...

You never fail to amaze me and once again I am very proud of you and wish I had the strength to do something similar....good luck...xx

MarmiteToasty said...

And there I was thinking 'bowls' LOL


nitebyrd said...

Belly dancing is supposed to be great exercise and it's sexy!

Sailing! How awesome.

Anonymous said...