Sunday, 13 December 2009


Finally I am back

My laptop has been away for repair for 3 days which ended up being a couple of weeks. It is now almost virus free and after having windows reinstalled it is faster and cleaner. I haven't really missed it too much. I have been using JA's old desk top which doesn't let me do much but at least I could check my emails and go onto facebook to get my fix of bejewelled the game I play a lot.

I have recently got back into reading books, something I have not done much of in the last couple of years. I'm averaging one every week at the moment compared with one a year which is what I had been managing before.

I don't have anything exciting to tell you. There have been no dates to tell you about. No great social events to describe. My life has been a tad monotonous in that I go to work then go home.

I did drive upto Gloucestershire with my mother for a short visit to my grandmother a few weekends ago. She will be 91 on 27th December, although she is getting frail she still lives alone in the home she shared with my grandfather before he died at the start of 1994. When I last saw her in April I found it very difficult as she had problems with remembering names not just people but places and things too. Since then she has been assessed and is now on medication which has helped her a great deal, she doesn't get so confused and can now say names (even if she does get her sister and daughter muddled).

This time next week my boys will be home from Uni after their first term away. DC ran out of money a couple of weeks ago but OJ has managed his money much better. On Thursday he is getting the train home and we are going back to his college for awards night where he will be getting an award for his A level Law. Afterwards he will go back to Uni which finishes on friday then I will go up there to collect him and his belongings on Saturday. I can't believe it has been a whole term already, we have hardly had time to miss them as they have both been home a few times.

A couple of weeks ago I had my last oncology check up and have now been discharged after 8 years. I have also had a couple of audiology appointments and on 23rd December I should receive my new digital hearing aid. This is being tailor made to my specific hearing unlike my old hearing aid which just amplifies everything. The result being that I hear every noise around me clearly but still struggle with voices especially those people with low voices.


MarmiteToasty said...

So loverly to see a post from you....... I agree with how the term has flown, my Jacob will love the fortnight off from college and having to leave the house at 6.45 in the morning and not coming back home til 6.30 at night....

Good news on the 8 years.... wonderful news actually..... and sounds like the new hearing aid will be so much better......


Fire Byrd said...

good to see you back, here's to more frequent posts!

DJ Kirkby said...

Congrats on being discharged after 8 years!!!!! What amazing wonderful celebratory news! Also good to hear both are doing well at Uni even if one is less good with money. Funny we've got two like that too as you know. It'll be nice for you to have that new hearing aid in time for xmas eh?

Elaine said...

That's brilliant news! I'm so happy for you. xxx

nitebyrd said...

I'm thrilled that you've been discharged! What wonderful news!

Also, welcome back!

Anonymous said...