Saturday, 29 May 2010

Still alive

Ok so I have not blogged for a while.

There have been a few times when I have thought...............I could blog about that. But by the time I get a chance the inspiration has gone.

There hasn't been much to blog about really. My work has been busy, Since March I have been attempting to keep up with as much work as I can which has seen me working through my lunch break a few times just to keep the pressure down a bit. The reason is that where a year ago there were three of us working together (in theory). Then since september it was reduced to two of us, since March my colleague has been covering another important post within the company (one which is vital to the running of the company). So for the last few months I have been trying to cope mostly on my own. (Business has also picked up a bit too). This has meant that I have been coming home exhausted. However things should be getting back to normal in the next few months with two new staff joining the office very soon.

I suppose I should update you on what happened after my last post.

SF arrived at my home with his friend and colleague from before he lost his licence 4 years ago. I chatted to GG for a few minutes as I hadn't seen him for a few years. SF is very lucky to have such a good friend who will turn out for him in times of need. (hmmm idea just sprung to mind GG now on his own since both kids have left home.........hmm perhaps should suggest this).

I offered SF a cuppa but he was ok he had his beer (a case of it) during the evening I chatted to him with our boys. He has been smoking since I filed for divorce, but agreed to smoke outside as this has always been a smoke free zone. It was fine while I was sat downstairs with SF and ET. I reiterated that it would only be one night.

It was after I went to bed that it got worse for me. ET had also gone to bed shortly after me, I heard the stairs and landing creaking, I heard SF's voice outside my door, he was speaking to JA & ET. I lay awake until gone 2am listening to every noise worrying that my door would open. The memories of those 7 months of hell while he still lived in the house during our divorce came flooding back. The fears and feelings I had during that time had returned. There is no way in this world I could have another night like that. In the morning I got ready for work as I was leaving I woke JA telling him to ake his father a cuppa and get him to leave when he went to school. I was not impressed that the whole house stank of cigarette smoke and he had used one of my candle dishes as an ashtray. At work I worried that he wouldn't go. I phoned OJ (he had been out the previous night) repeatedly until he assured me at 9am that his dad had gone. Two days later he phoned me to ask if he could sleep on my sofa again. I said NO and he accepted that and to my relief hasn't bothered me since.

That same night I had also told Plumber online that it was time he started being honest with me. Of course he had no idea what I was talking about. But because SF arrived while we were talking we couldn't have a proper conversation that night. A couple of nights later we had a heated conversation about his lies. He has now admitted that he does live at home some of the time but they have seperate rooms. Hes still not being totally honest but its a start and he now knows that I will not stand for bare faced lies. Our relationship if you can call it that has become stronger. Over recent weeks he has said that he thinks I deserve a better life and if he could he would give it to me but current circumstances mean he can't at present. He says that he won't stop me seeing others and hopes I wont stop him but he won't go out of his way to see other women .......I satisfy all his needs. (whatever he means by that).

Plumber knows I have been seeing Sailor (who also knows about Plumber). They are both happy to share me but don't want me to be hurt or damaged. A few times there have been half arrangements for the three of us to go sailing together. But on the day things didn't work out. I have now been out in the harbour with Sailor on his boat a couple of times, once just using the engine then on Monday after work we spent a couple of hours sailing while the weather was good. I really enjoyed that and hope to go again this weekend. Plumber is very jealous (of us sailing).

Tuesday evening I had a posh frock evening (thank heavens for ebay) I wore a purple dress
with silver heels mum calls them y 'Dorothy slippers'. It was the Rotary club President's night. Very different to previous ones I had been to. This was at a pub on the A32 that I have passed many times but not taken much notice of because it does not look inviting from outside. It turns out to be a restaurant that has tribute acts performing a caberate on a small stage. The room we were in had a very strange mix of traditional countryside prints including a Roebuck, and theatrical ornamentation. There was a chandelier in the centre of the ceiling. The place is run by a couple of men who had been in the theatre in their past. One of them apparently was one of the countries leading pantomime Dames.

So now you know what has been going on in my life in the last 5 or 6 weeks.


MarmiteToasty said...

Oh what a pretty dress......

glad to hear you only let the tosser stay one night, and I bet that felt like a week...

As the smoking, 2 of me lads smoke but NEVER ever in the house, they have always known I dont like the smell of smoke they aint even allowed to smoke in their own rooms, this is a smoke free home.... they dont smoke much but sometimes its funny to see them standing outside under a brolly in the rain just to have a fag :)

As regards the plumber bit..... I cant handle the fact he is married, there always seems to be an excuse with married men.... either man up and leave ya wifey or admit ya a bloody liar lol (sorry, just me take on me)

glad ya getting more help at work soon, it must of been hard doing the work of 3, its ok if they paid ya more lol

wonderful to see you back, I only blob this week after a long long break :)


Lady in red said...

I agree with you about married men .......he still tells everyone else that they are seperated! It has taken e over a year to get him to admit he still lives there although he still says it is only part tie and he also lives at his mum's house.

I think there is going to be another conversation very soon where I get him to come clean. He makes out that he is only living there because he pays the mortgage.

None of my boys smoke and when SF lived here he didn't smoke until I filed for divorce (other than OPs when he was in the pub). Then he smoked in his room which is now my room. First thing I did when he moved out was wash the curtains, take up the carpet (not yet replaced) and light lts of candles while I cleaned the room out.

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joven said...

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Mel said...

Oh what a lovely colour.......

Yaknow, you're much more accepting and patient than I when it comes to waiting for the truth.
I command it, and I expect myself to give it in a way that's kindly. That's one of those 'bottom lines' for me (mostly cuz I was an expert liar onceuponatime).

But I'm really, really, REALLY glad to hear it was a 'one night' deal with SF--and clearly not one you're willing to repeat any time in the near future. What a horrid night that must have been for you. I'm glad you're not willing to repeat it.

(((((( LiR )))))))

Barbara C's Blog said...

Lady, Now that I am retired I may speak from experience to tell you that working so much overtime is not worth your sanity. There are so much more important things in life. Such as following that Plummer and see what he is up to, or using your extra $$ to pay a detective to follow him. 'Once a liar allways a liar' I say. Leopards never change their spots, and on and on...

As for your ex, a few of us have been there too. When the phone rings or the bell rings, I would never be home or just going out. He had his chance and he blew it. What are you? The Ritz Hotel? Go sleep ourside or in his car. He obviously doesn't respect you or he wouldn't smoke his fags in your house. Sorry just had to get that off my chest. Best to you and yours.

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